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Ziarekenya Smith Aims to Spread Inpathy with New Social App

January 5, 2022

Ziarekenya Smith is launching Inpathy, a new social platform that shows people it’s ok, to not be ok.


Life isn’t a constant state of bliss — but it sure seems that way when you’re scrolling through social media posts. (Filters and glowing beach selfies, we’re looking at you.) That’s what 30-year-old Detroit native Ziarekenya Smith is setting out to change with Inpathy, a social media platform he’s designing to offer users a more “transparent” take on the human experience — i.e. not just the happy moments.

Ziarekenya Smith Aims to Spread Inpathy with New Social App


Inpathy — which derives its name from “empathy” — is dedicated to embracing the full spectrum of emotions. It grew out of Smith’s own experience of wanting to express his feelings on social media after deciding to leave a successful design career in 2015. “[But] you know the unwritten rules on social media: If your life is not perfect or it isn’t good vibes, don’t post it,” he says. “I didn’t, but I asked myself why.”


That question was the catalyst behind his app, which is nearing its initial goal of raising $250,000 via crowdfunding and set to debut later this year. Smith says he knows that Face-book, Instagram, and other social platforms are here to stay; he simply wants to “show people that it’s OK to be OK and OK to not be OK,” he says.

Cool Features about Inpathy: 

  • You make friends by communicating with them through the app. That is how your circle is formed. 
  • Daily mood check-ins help shape your experience on the app and it will provide words of encouragement. 
  • Feeling moody or down? The app will alert your circle of friends to help support you. 
  • Trolls are banned.

If all goes as planned, by the second quarter of 2022, the app will be available on the iPhone “by invite only” to those who have helped Smith raise funds (he says he opted not to take on investors to ensure he can stay true to his goals for the app). He plans to release it to Android users once he raises $1 million. In any case, Smith is aiming high: He says he feels Inpathy will inspire a new era of social media by normalizing all moods and being reflective of real life.

“Inpathy came from love and pain,” he says. “It can change the world.”

You can read more about Inpathy, sign up for the release, or support their crowdfunding goal,on their website.

Facebook: @Inpathy

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