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What’s in Your Bag with Yoga Instructor Kate Makaroff

January 25, 2019

Metro Detroit yoga instructor Kate Makaroff shares what’s in her yoga bag and the essential items she needs to stay in the Zen zone.

By Kate Makaroff 

Being a full-time yoga teacher means a life on the road, driving from session to session, never really knowing when or where I can workout or lay down my mat for a quick yoga session. This list of core items are a must in my yoga bag every day and are essential things I need to help keep me energized, refreshed and in the Zen zone!

Manduka Travel Mat and Yoga Towel

Manduka travel mat and yoga towel

This is a lightweight mat that rolls up and is easy to travel with. I love this mat because I can take it with me everywhere, and it doesn’t take up much space. It’s great for those days at the gym when I want to do yoga and don’t want to use a public mat. This particular mat has been all over the globe — from the USA, Bali and Hong Kong!

The hand towel is convenient because it has a quick dry effect. I use it in hot yoga for my hands when they slip or when I’m working out.

Nakee Butter

Nakee Butter

These little packets of goodness are life savors! I’m always packing at least two in my bag. Nakee Butter is a local company from Hamtramck and is really helpful for a teacher like me who’s constantly on the go. With 10 grams of planet protein and MCT oil, this brain fuel is just what I need for a little pick-me-up in the middle of the day!

Yogistoned Cosmic Love Tank

I never leave home without an extra yoga top due to lots of sweat. Yogistoned is a favorite brand of mine. This shirt is lightweight and wears well. Plus, who’s not about a little cosmic love because the greatest love of all is found within!

VitaJuwel Water Bottle

Vitajuwel water bottle

This water bottle has gem stones encased in a glass vial. The gem stones help to purify and infuse the water with their healing properties. My VitaJuwel water bottle has amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz, and the properties of these stones are calming, balancing and relaxing.

Micellar Cleanser and Makeup Remover

Micellar cleanser & makeup remover from Trader Joe's
These are a must in my bag! I love wearing mascara, and these have saved me plenty of times from looking like a zombie after hot vinyasa! I have tried many different types of facial wipes over the years, and these from Trader Joe’s are my favorite.

Healing Toner Lavender No. 5

Healing Toner Lavender No. 5 

Skin care is of the upmost importance to me, so it is not uncommon for me to carry skin care products in my bag. This particular toner has high-grade essential oil french lavender which is calming and healing. It also contains colloidal sliver which is antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and benefits skin conditions. This is a wonderful product for everything! Available for purchase at manawellness.me.

Aveda Shampure Pure-fume Mist

Aveda Shampure
I love this smell! Aveda has been a staple in my self-care regime for over 20 years. This is Aveda’s timeless sent; its tranquilizing aroma takes me right to paradise.

Kate Makaroff

Kate Makaroff has been a leading force in the health and wellness industry for 20 years. Most recently, Kate is exploring new avenues for sharing yoga and movement activities in Metro Detroit through her company Modern MotionKate strives to find balance in her life through daily meditation, yoga and a focus on mindful eating and healthy aging. Follow Kate on Instagram at @katemak_yoga and on Facebook where she shares tips to inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

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