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Women of Wellness Summit Goes Digital May 15-17

April 28, 2020

Jaclyn Renee brings health resources, experts to your laptop

Story by Stephanie A. Casola

Photography by Kat Stevenson

Jaclyn Renee Velardo stumbled along on her own healing journey most of her life, so she knows first-hand what it takes to find a path toward wellness.

“I struggled with crippling anxiety and digestive issues for my entire life,” she says. “Healing was hard because the information was overwhelming and there wasn’t really any community around it. Once I was able to overcome my struggles, I knew I wanted to do something BIG to help other women that were silently battling too.”

Now a holistic health coach, Velardo translated that “big” idea into her own business as founder of Jaclyn Renee Wellness in 2015 and last year hosted her first Women of Wellness (WOW) summit at the Detroit Foundation Hotel. The event sold out quickly and Velardo began planning speakers and sponsors for an even bigger 2020 event. The summit was a natural extension of her work as a health coach and a way to create support and community for other women who were experiencing health challenges.

“I see clients all day with everything ranging from autoimmune and fertility challenges to debilitating gut issues and all of the resulting physical and mental health struggles they can create,” Velardo says. “I know first-hand how isolating and overwhelming it is when you feel out of control of your body.”

As the concerns and closures related to our current COVID-19 health crisis grew, it became clear that the 2020 WOW summit would look much different from the first one. By March 10, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued a state of emergency in Michigan as the first COVID-19 cases appeared.

As time passed and the virus spread, Velardo knew she would need to make a change. There was talk of canceling the event but the purpose behind it was both timely and important.

“As devastating as the virus is to the human race, it is opening the eyes of many to a health revolution,” she says. “I am so passionate about how much food and your mindset can completely change the course of your disease and life. If there is ever a time to take your first step, it should be now.”

Velardo ultimately decided that hosting the event online in a private Facebook ​page would be the most effective and affordable way to make it happen.

The three-day, virtual Women of Wellness 2020 summit will go live on Facebook Friday, May 15 and conclude Sunday, May 17, 2020. SEEN Magazine is proud to be a media sponsor.

 Velardo will open the event at 7 p.m. Friday, May 15 with a welcome message and introduce speakers like breathwork facilitator MB Mannino, who will kick off the summit with intention setting and breathwork to relax the body and open the mind to receive, and Ricki Friedman, who will inspire participants with a talk about overcoming obstacles, shifting your mindset and creating sustainable change.

The summit resumes at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 16 as Soojin Kim hosts a guided meditation followed by a talk on The Truth about Digestion. The afternoon offers a host of bonus chats so that participants can choose which are most relevant to them. Among them will be Your Mission for Mental Health, featuring Kacee Must, founder of Citizen Yoga, and Riding your Hormonal Waves with Ease from Monica Mae Leibson.

Sunday morning from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. the summit concludes with a meditation session led by Adrianna Sesi and a talk by Toni Jones focused on Conscious Well-Being for Women.

The experts for May’s WOW summit were chosen because they are fluent in their fields and share a common emphasis on women’s health as it relates to full self-love from the inside out. Topics will include digestive health, hormones, mental health, stress management and weight-loss resistance.

“Our collective goal at the end of the summit is to provide each woman with enough education, confidence and a complete mindset shift to be able to rise up to the level she knows she’s capable of, but may have felt out of reach in the past,” Velardo says.

Speakers are offering discount codes to attend, and planning packages for attendees — of up to 30 percent off — should they choose to seek out additional services. All attendees will receive a virtual swag bag of health and wellness offers. And they will gain access to a private Facebook group for the three-day event as well as program information available on video afterward. Velardo’s intention is to make the information as accessible as possible to those who need it.

“Often we stand in the way of our own success,” she says. “Hopefully this summit can be a tool for many women to find the strength they need to take the first step.”


Tickets for WOW 2020, a virtual summit, are $60 per person and available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/102443017824. Use discount code JRWWOW for an additional $10 off. Learn more on Instagram and Facebook.

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