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A Woman SEEN Making an Impact: Blessing Adesiyan

May 1, 2019

Blessing Adesiyan, 32, of Beverly Hills is the CEO and powerhouse behind the online platform  for modern mothers, Mother Honestly. In 2018, She introduced Mother Honestly to create an ecosystem that inspires, guides and empowers mothers to lead a healthy, fulfilled and productive life in motherhood.

As told to Stephanie Steinberg

Photography by Ashley Hoffman

I studied chemical engineering at the University of Florida where I had the opportunity to work for various Fortune 100 companies. I moved to Houston in 2014 to manage a project on the Gulf Coast for BASF, the largest chemical company in the world. Once that project was completed, I moved to Detroit to lead our automotive coatings sales and operational planning.

The idea for Mother Honestly came during my maternity leave with my second child. I had my first in 2009, so there was a 10-year gap where I was heavily focused on my career. After my second child, I finally enjoyed maternity leave for the first time for four months. During this period, as much I enjoyed my time with my son, and connecting with new moms around breastfeeding, cloth-diapering, and so on, I noticed everything revolved around the child. I wanted to talk about my ambition and aspirations, and I searched for it to no avail. I realized that there was no personal development platform for women in motherhood. It seems like, as a society, once a woman becomes a mother, the child suddenly becomes the center of our world. I wanted to bring the focus back to the mother in and beyond motherhood.

So I started the platform Mother Honestly, because as much as I’d love to share a formula for moms, we need to do it honestly. We need to nurture our professional growth in a way that works for our unique situation. If it means staying home to create space for motherhood, or switching to part-time work, or going full throttle as a full-time employee, then that’s what we do. But what we will never stop doing is growing. Every mother needs to lead a healthy, fulfilled and productive life, and that’s the premise at Mother Honestly.

Blessing Adesiyan

Adesiyan launched Mother Honestly in July 2018. Today, the platform reaches over 40,000 women through the website, podcast and social media.

Our goal is to expand across the United States. Right now, we have 100 paid members who have access to our monthly master classes, various perks and discounts. We really do have a team of women who have made it their mission to make Mother Honestly work because they believe in it.

We are starting to realize that the mission of Mother Honestly is truly about solving problems in the realms of motherhood. We plan on doing that through our Mother: The Summit 2019, which will take place at the Garden Theater on Oct. 11 with over 400-plus powerhouse women across the country. We also want to seek solutions to issues that matter most to women in the workplace such as paid parental leave, subsidized child care, equal pay and flexible work.

Blessing Adesiyan

For other moms who have a full-time job and want to launch something on the side, Adesiyan has a few words of advice.

Be realistic with what you have going on in your life and at work. When I launched Mother Honestly, I had a live-in nanny — that is something women don’t talk about. I do. Get your house in order, make sure your spouse is aligned and ensure you prioritize your family and full-time job first. I love my job, and I started Mother Honestly because I work for a company that offered me a four-month paid parental leave and paid for my MBA. I think we glorify entrepreneurship when we are not in it. Now that I have a taste of it, I truly appreciate the work that I do and the steady paycheck I am able to bring home for my family.

The best career advice she’s ever received is “to bloom where you are planted.”

Oftentimes, we chase the next job, promotion, a shiny new location, and we forget to stay focused and excited about the current opportunity in front of us. When we moved to Detroit, so many people told me I was going to be cold and miserable. These same people are sending me messages wondering how I convinced 200-plus women in a matter of months to attend Mother: The Summit 2018 only a year after moving to Detroit. I’ve always seen the best in every situation I am in.

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