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Why Your Next Event Needs a Photo Booth

May 9, 2019

Founder and owner of Boogie Booth shares why your event is incomplete without a photo booth.

By Cassie Kunze

Maria Palaian, founder and owner of Boogie Booth in Royal Oak, has been serving the Metro Detroit community since 2008. Growing up around her dad’s coin-operated business, she found a passion for helping to create unique and memorable experiences for people.

Through her photo booth, Palaian says she loves providing something fun for guests at events. “It brings out guests’ sillier side and it is the highlight of everyone’s night. The photo booth is what guests are talking about the next day,” she says.

Of the several reasons to have a photo booth at your next event, Palaian shares a few of her favorites.

Boogie BoothCourtesy Boogie Booth

Maria Palaian, founder and owner of Boogie Booth.

Boogie BoothCourtesy Dan Nowak

Take Home a Souvenir

It’s not just a photo — it is a tangible memory. There are certain booths that allow guests to print out and take home a souvenir from the event. Besides having a digital copy, it’s a great bonus to provide your guests with a tangible memory to hang on their fridge and remember the night forever.

Boogie BoothCourtesy Boogie Booth
Boogie BoothCourtesy Boogie Booth

Enjoy an Interactive Experience

Apart from creating a tangible memory and souvenir, photo booths also double as an activity for guests to enjoy. It is great for all ages, and it acts as an ice breaker between guests who may not know each other as well. Guests have the options to use and wear fun props for their photos — adding another layer to the experience.

Boogie BoothCourtesy Brand Barr

Props from Boogie Booth

Boogie BoothCourtesy Dan Nowak

Social Media-Ready Photos

A photo booth is a selfie on steroids. It offers professional lighting and staging, making everyone look their best — no Facetune needed. You then receive a digital copy of the photo that is social media-ready for you to share with your friends and followers.

Boogie BoothCourtesy Sarah Sutherland Photography
Boogie BoothCourtesy Sarah Sutherland Photography

Brand Your Event

Photo booths are perfect for corporate events — from the graphics in the photos to custom wraps on the photo booth itself, everything is brandable. There are several options to customize your event and make it standout.

Boogie BoothCourtesy Boogie Booth
Boogie BoothCourtesy Boogie Booth

Boogie Booth

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