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What’s Your Fun Holiday Tradition?

October 26, 2018

From whipped cream fights to pajama parties and sledding with dogs, the SEEN team shared their fun holiday traditions. Share yours below or email editor@seenmediagroup.com for a chance to have your tradition featured in SEEN.

By Stephanie Steinberg

Every Thanksgiving, my family celebrates a fun (well, some might call it wacky) tradition. Once we’re stuffed with turkey, sweet potatoes and green beans, we put the leftovers away and clear the kitchen. Out from the refrigerator comes several cans of whipped cream. And no, these are not for pumpkin pie. Rather, those under 40 get to participate in a whipped cream fight. The rules are simple: Everyone gets his or her own whipped cream can to spray in someone else’s mouth. Hair is supposed to be off-limits, and ponchos are highly recommended. The game is restricted to the kitchen (except for one year when an out-of-town cousin got a little into it and chased me through a living room). As you can imagine, it’s a lot of fun if you like the taste of whipped cream.

With the holidays around the corner, I asked the SEEN team if they had any fun holiday traditions with family and friends. Read theirs below and feel free to share yours in the comments. Or send me an email at editor@seenmediagroup.com to share your tradition and a photo for a chance to have it featured in the December issue of SEEN!

Kevin Browett, Publisher

holiday traditions

We always do a major sled ride to celebrate each Christmas. We do this in our front yard and always take our dogs for the ride too!

Christine Cook, Sales Director

holiday traditions

Every year a group of our friends — from high school, college and after — all get together for our annual Friendsgiving. We either dress in Christmas or holiday-themed clothing, or this year we will be wearing pajamas, and we all bring a dish or two and have a big potluck. We also play the White Elephant game, and the presents are outrageous. It’s always fun to see what crazy presents people will wrap! Last year, the funniest present was a stack of Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready pizzas wrapped up!

Chelsie Dzbanski, Social Media Specialist

holiday traditions

Every year around Christmas, my friends and I have a Christmas pajama party where we exchange gifts, play games, eat and drink. This year will mark the 6th annual pajama party and counting!

Andrea Gusho, Client Relations Director

holiday traditions

Me and my dad always cook breakfast on Christmas morning after presents are done, so everyone cleans up the wrapping paper while we cook. Then dad usually busts out the Crown Royal while we’re cooking, and we always do a shot before breakfast.

Dorothy Hernandez, Copy Editor

My mom always makes traditional holiday Filipino foods around Christmas, which is a big deal to Filipinos who start celebrating on Sept. 1 (no joke!). She always makes pancit palabok (noodles topped with a shrimp and pork sauce), which is my absolute favorite so we can eat when we come back from midnight mass. One year, we came back to find half of the palabok gone — and our cocker spaniel on the floor with her belly full of palabok! Raven is gone now, but we always remember her and her food-loving ways every Christmas with pancit palabok.

Cassie Kunze, Reporting Intern

Every year, my family rents a cabin where we all stay for the week. We help my grandma make tons of empanadas and tamales! My job since I was 5 years old is prepping and rolling the masa (dough for tamales).

Taylor Morris, Reporting Intern

Every year for Christmas and Thanksgiving my entire family goes over to my Nana and Papa’s for dinner and presents. Once the whole family arrives, we open presents and then eat dinner, followed by either talking or playing games.

Rachel Schostak, Fashion Director

holiday tradition

My husband and I both grew up with special Shabbat memories, and now we are able to carry on the tradition as our own family. Every Friday night our family does Shabbat dinner, no matter the circumstances. We usually do it at my in-laws’ with cousins playing in the basement and blessings said over challah, candles and wine. In the event we are not there, we still maintain the tradition and have Shabbat at our house with ourselves or invite friends over. Such a special holiday for us — each week, we have the opportunity to reflect on the past week, slow down, connect and have some important special family time before the new week begins.

Stephanie Steinberg, Managing Editor

holiday traditions

This photo is all you need to understand the whipped cream extravaganza mentioned above 🙂

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