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Beauty SEEN: What to Expect When You Get Your Brows Laminated

May 26, 2021

We tried out brow lamination, one of the hottest beauty trends, and this is how it went

By Zoe Makhool

Featured photo via @primandplushbar

What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a service that makes the eyebrows appear fuller and fluffier. It’s essentially a perm for your brows! As someone who has never even had my brows waxed because of how protective I am over them, brow lamination seemed like the best option to achieve the natural, full brows I’ve always strived for.

Before the appointment

I booked an appointment at Prim & Plush, a new lash and eyebrow salon that opened in April in Birmingham. Founder Sarah Tankiewicz  was inspired to open the salon due to the lack of spaces that offer and specialize solely in brows and lashes in Metro Detroit. After confirming my appointment, I filled out a questionnaire, reviewed the pre-treatment requirements — and was one step closer to the brows of my dreams.

prim and plushPhoto via @primandplushbar
prim and plushPhoto via @primandplushbar

During the appointment

Lash and brow artist Christina D’Alessandro applied a cream to my brows, brushed them upwards into a fluffy shape and covered them with plastic wrap. After five minutes, she removed the plastic wrap and applied a setting solution so the brow hairs would stay in place. Christina finished the service by applying an oil — which I was able to take home with me for aftercare — and groomed my brows. The whole process took around 25 minutes and was very enjoyable and relaxing. At Prim & Plush, a brow lamination costs $120 to $152 (depending on tint and shape).


How to maintain laminated brows

It’s recommended that you avoid using makeup, creams and oils around the eyebrow and eye area for 24 hours following brow lamination. Brow placement needs to set during this time, so also avoid getting them wet or touching them. The only daily brow routine I have now is brushing them upwards with a spoolie (a special brow comb) and oil — that’s it! I no longer have to use brow gel or makeup to fill them in.

Ready to try this trend? Check out Prim & Plush or these other Metro Detroit spots offering brow lamination services:

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