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What Metro Detroit Homebuyers Want in 2019

December 31, 2018

Luxury real estate expert Sheel Sohal shares the hot Metro Detroit neighborhoods homebuyers are seeking in 2019.

By Stephanie Casola

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Luxury real estate expert Sheel Sohal, based at KW Domain Luxury International Homes located in downtown Birmingham, surrounds himself with fellow professionals who share his strong passion for the industry.

“We’re going to connect you like no one else can,” he says. 

Sheel Sohol

And that’s important in our real estate market — one that has hit highs and lows over the past year. Sohal predicts 2019 will be an exciting year for luxury properties. Many of the new development projects in and around Oakland County, for example, are slated for completion this year. The influx of new housing stock is sure to be well-received, and he envisions it will arrive at a time when the cost per square foot for housing begins to drop.

Sohal shares what’s hot and how to snag your perfect, personalized property this year:

Land or Sea

Location is still key. Clients are poised and ready to acquire properties located on water or those with a lot of acreage. When a property comes onto the market with an acre or more surrounding it, people run for it, Sohal says. He predicts 2019 will also bring more growth in areas like Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Hills — particularly neighborhoods closer to the Telegraph corridor or those that are easily accessible to downtown Birmingham.

Sheel SoholCourtesy Sheel Sohol

A neighborhood in Bloomfield Township.

Available properties in 2019 are not only expected to be spacious and sought-after, they are bound to offer a wider array of features and options that feel tailor-made to suit the buyer. “We are seeing an effort to completely customize our homes,” Sohal says.

To Build or Buy?

For those who spent the past year searching for the perfect property — but not quite finding it — take heart. Sohal recommends building, not buying that dream home.

“We’re seeing more and more people who have never built a house move in this direction,” he says. “Building has become more approachable. It’s less scary.”

Sohal assures it is now easier to choose a tear-down property or vacant lot and transform it into the luxury home his clients envision. He believes it comes down to simple fact that building, rather than buying, has become more commonplace in the real estate industry. “There are more people to talk to about the process,” he says. “They’ve already been through it.”

Sheel SoholCourtesy Sheel Sohol

His team at KW Domain in Birmingham aims to make this process even easier. Sohal works with a trusted set of professionals who are educated on the needs of their clients and have strong contacts with reliable builders and contractors who will not only complete the project efficiently — but also on time.

“Building a home allows you to think through the property and develop it into exactly what you want,” he adds.

Sohal is currently managing a $10.5 million luxury estate spanning more than 15,000 square feet and 2 acres of property in Bloomfield Hills. Its owner renovated the spec home it once was, transforming it into an Italian villa in the heart of Oakland County.

Sheel SoholCourtesy Sheel Sohol
Sheel SoholCourtesy Sheel Sohol

The home has a tranquility pool, an eight-car garage with a car wash station, three outdoor fireplaces and plenty of reasons to enjoy every season Michigan has to offer. According to Sohal, the home is an ideal example of how buyers can create a place that suits their needs.

“It’s really about what you want out of a house,” Sohal says. “I will always do my best to make it possible.”

Make It Your Own

Customization is possibly the biggest trend set for homebuyers in 2019. It’s a transition in the way we think about luxury homes. Sohal doesn’t restrict his marketing or buyers’ search to those who reside here in Michigan. He uses extensive resources to market luxury homes globally.

It’s a testament to his Dream Team who are under the KW Domain Umbrella. Sohal’s focus is on planning before executing. Clients trust Sohal to act in their best interest. He does so by focusing first on the careful staging and preparation needed to sell a home.

Courtesy Sheel SoholCourtesy Sheel Sohol

Sohal says that kind of personal service helps set his team at KW Domain apart from their competition. His in-house resources are unparalleled. Not only does Sohal maintain strong relationships with developers and builders, but the practice itself invests in resources to benefit its clientele. A professional photographer and videographer are on staff and ready to shoot high-quality images of properties ready to hit the market. There is no delay or need to wait for images that represent a property in its best light. An expert in real estate law is also readily available to answer your questions.

Consider it a new approach to luxury real estate. Make 2019 the year you secure your luxury home. Connect with Sheel Sohal at 248-249-3122.

Sheel Sohol

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