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We Love the 90s: 8 Trends Making a Comeback

November 13, 2020

Detroit-based Fashion Blogger Asima Khan gives us a blast from the past with her round-up of the top ’90’s trends that you should be incorporating into your wardrobe

By Asima Khan

Photography by Zenab Khan

If you grew up in the 90’s like I did, you’re going to love the following trends that are making a huge comeback this season. See below for how to incorporate pieces from the past to create stylish, modern-day looks.


SHOP: Double breasted jacket and faux leather pants both from H&M

There was a time when I was obsessed with everything that Caroline Bessett and Princess Diana would wear. They were both known for simplistic, monochromatic looks, and I put this together with their inspiration in mind — but added a leather pant for some edge.  Play with textures within the same “color story” to elevate the overall look!

Simple Square Toe

SHOP: Alohas puffy mule from Revolve

One of my favorite movies of all time is the 1998 version of “Great Expectations” starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Ethan Hawke. Gwyneth’s character, Stella, had one of the most incredible wardrobes ever! Inspired by the film and Stella’s fashion sense, I put this polished look together and topped it off with a square-toe heel.

Cropped Blazers

SHOP: Shoulder pad top from Zara

The cropped blazer was the “It“ piece of the ’90s. Often worn with a pair of jeans, the look was spotted on everyone from Naomi Campbell to Christy Turlington and every glam supermodel in between!  Add a loafer or a simple pump to round out the look.

Sweater Vests

SHOP: Wool sweater vest from H&M

SHOP: Cap sleeve sweater vest from Forever 21

Who can forget Cher from “Clueless?” As the pioneer of the sweater vest, Cher’s character inspired versatile looks that blend ’90’s staples with trends that are once again in fashion.  Pair a sweater vest over a button-down dress or biker shorts and a button-down shirt. It’s the perfect transitional piece to have in your wardrobe year round.

The Rachel Jacket

SHOP: Faux leather trench coat from Zara

“Friends” fans: If you had to choose between Monica or Rachel, who would you pick?  For me, it’s Rachel, hands down. This tan leather jacket was a staple piece for Rachel on the show — she wore different variations of it throughout the series. Wear it with a monochromatic, neutral outfit or add a pop of color.

Baggy Pants + Crop Top

SHOP: Knitted top and beanie both from ASOS, jeans from H&M and tennis necklace from Amazon

The late R&B star Aaliyah was known for her signature oversized pants and crop-top, and her grunge aesthetic is back. Throw on some jewelry to jazz it up a bit and have fun with accessories!

Curtain Bangs

Who didn’t want Cindy Crawford’s hair back in the 90’s? Two decades later, her “curtain bangs” are back in style! This small stylistic tweak can add volume and definition to your hair. Pro tip: Make sure to let your stylist know that you want the bang to start midway from your crown to about your chin with a fade out of layers. It’s subtle but so stylish!

Chunky Boots

SHOP: Chunky over the knee boots from ASOS

A chunky black boot was a staple in every teenage girl’s wardrobe back in the ’90’s. Today we’re seeing a more edgy version with varying heights, from over the knee to ankle and mid-calf boots. Try them with leggings and an oversized sweater for a more casual, comfy look.

Styling, designing, blogging — Asima does it all in the name of fashion! After working in luxury retail for most of her life, including most recently for Chanel, Asima is sharing her style chops with the world through her blog, asimakemymark.com. From what to wear, how to wear it and where to wear it to, Asima shares her fusion of high-low OOTD’s on her Instagram @asimakemymark

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