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Warren Rose Continues Family Legacy of Giving

October 30, 2017

Warren Rose Family Legacy Continues With a Third Generation of Giving.

By Karleigh Stone
Photography by Brett Mountain

To leave a legacy is to leave behind something for the people one serves. And the Bloomfield Hills-based Rose family is certainly doing that. Their legacy is one of great generosity, a continuous will to help others and a desire to serve the community in which they live. Their three generations of giving began with Edward Rose, who requested a donation be made to Beaumont Hospital of Royal Oak in his will. His sons took the time to work with Beaumont to figure out the best way to utilize the gift and discovered the need for a cancer center.

“My grandfather was a very philanthropic man, and he gave to many causes in health care. He believed in helping the community and that a great way to do that is to support your local hospital, so he focused on that,” said Warren Rose of the family’s third generation. The family’s gifts to Beaumont Hospital started with the development of the Rose Cancer Center and did not stop there. In the early 2000s, they supplied the funds for the creation of a new type of machine, the Omnibeam. With a talented team at Beaumont, led by Dr. Alvaro Martinez, and the monetary donation the Rose family provided, the Royal Oak hospital invented this machine. It’s now a core component of cancer treatment around the world.

“This very special machine not only provides radiation treatment, but also very guided and detailed CAT scanning while doing that. It provides very precise treatment to the patient. It’s really incredible,” Rose said. Included in the Rose legacy are projects involving cancer genetics and facility improvements. Recent facility improvements include constructing a covered entrance way, creating a relaxing outdoor courtyard space, internally developing spaces for doctor and patient meetings and completing an overall clean-up of the hospital.

Dr. Dave Wood, chief medical officer of Beaumont Health, said. “The Rose family’s dedication to providing state-of-the-art facilities for Beaumont Health cancer patients allows our physicians to fulfill our mission of providing compassionate, extraordinary care every day.” Margaret Cooney Casey, president of the Beaumont Health Foundation, agrees. “This most recent and very generous contribution from the Rose family is the culmination of giving that started more than two decades ago. Their gifts continue to improve the patient care environment and provide support for our exceptional cancer care programs.”Rose believes in Beaumont and its staff.

“They’re doing a fantastic job with the volume of work they do, the strides they’re making and the number of lives they touch daily. It’s really remarkable,” he said. “The facilities are the facilities but unless you have the staff and the programs — that’s what makes the difference. They have incredible nurses, administration and amazing doctors that make it a destination for people who need help.”



What started three generations ago continues to be a family affair today. “It’s really been a family passion, supporting the hospital and keeping that project going,” Rose said. “Knowing the impact it has on the community and the lives that it touches — some of our friends and family have been afflicted with cancer and treated there, and we see how it can really impact people’s lives.” The Rose family business is also a three-generation enterprise. Edward Rose and Sons began with Edward Rose building houses in Detroit during the 1920s. Many of the subdivisions surrounding the city today are Rose homes. As time went on, Edward’s sons became an integral part of the company and added apartment buildings to its repertoire.

Multi-family developments became the primary focus of the Rose enterprise and they now have 3,000 units in their inventory in 15 different states, according to Rose. In addition to building, owning and managing apartment complexes, Edward Rose and Sons is emerging in the senior living market with apartment-style housing for those ages 55 and older. Their campuses feature independent living, assisted living and memory care all in one place. Five such facilities are already established and the sixth one is in the making.

“So now, we’re not only taking care of young people getting their first apartments, but we’re also taking care of our senior citizens as they are coming out of their homes and looking for a new place to live,” Rose said. He is excited that the next generation is already involved in the business. “I’ve been involved with the company since the mid-1980s when I got out of school. We now have a fourth generation working here, including my daughter and my nephew. It’s fun. It’s nice having family in the business and seeing them develop,” Rose said.

Furthermore, Rose is committed to teaching the values of charitable giving and community support to the next generation. “You work in your community, you live in your community and you give back to your community — that’s what I’m trying to instill in the next generation; that it’s important to be involved and help your community grow and help those who can’t help themselves.”

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