The Right Rug Sets The Tone

September 29, 2017

Tips on finding the perfect rug to tie your room together.

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No room is complete without a beautiful rug. And to see the space after you find the perfect one, makes all the difference in the world.

“Nothing anchors a room and sets the tone for your entire living space like the right rug,” said Kamran Karimpour, owner and head interior designer at Birmingham Design Studio. Family-owned and operated since 1990, the full-service Birmingham Design Studio specializes in fine hand-knotted Persian, Oriental and modern rugs.

“It’s one of the best ways to transform a room to make it uniquely your own,” he says. “That’s why we travel the world in search of unique rugs you won’t find in chain stores or national retailers.”

The Birmingham Design Studio showroom provides an inkling of what can be, but their expertise lies in their world of resources and artisans to find — or custom make — the exact rug that will make your home a showcase of your vision and personality.

Perfect Rug

Kamran and Kristi at work on a rug.

You and your wife, Kristi, have been in Birmingham for nearly 30 years selling fine rugs and home interiors. Can you give us a few tips on selecting a quality room rug that we will be happy with for years to come?

“The most important thing is to work with a reputable seller, one who has been established for some time, and with knowledge and expertise regarding the fine rug market. Kristi and I are certified Oriental rug experts and, as a direct importer, we have contacts both in the U.S. and internationally that allow us to find exactly what our customers are looking for. With direct access to the world’s best weavers, we can find the perfect rug for your taste, decorating style and budget.

“My other suggestion is to buy the rug that you love. Don’t follow your designer or anybody else when it comes to the final selection. You, personally, have to like it and live with it so this is the time to follow your own tastes. We make the decision easy and stress-free for you. First, we allow you to bring the rug home to see how it works in your space, and we work with you so that you are completely happy. I’ve been doing this so long I usually get it right on the first try.”

Perfect Rug

The staff at Birmingham Design Studio

Any other essential tips?

“Yes, it’s important to design your room in the proper order and that means starting with the rug first. Because it’s one of the most important pieces in the design puzzle, you’ll want to select the perfect Persian, Oriental or modern rug, and then you can build the other elements like furniture fabrics and wall colors to coordinate.

“And if you want something that won’t go in and out of fashion, choose a timeless rug design rather than something trending for the moment. A quality, hand-knotted, wool-pile rug can last a lifetime and can be passed down as an heirloom to children and grandchildren.”

What can you tell us about care and maintenance of a fine rug?“I don’t recommend any home carpet cleaning services as they don’t have the expertise to clean them safely. They can be cleaned every couple of years by someone experienced with the rug fabrics, and delicate treatments like fringe. At Birmingham Design Studio, we offer expert cleaning, repair and restoration, and insurance appraisals, if needed.”

“Finally, the Karimpours say choosing a fine rug is much like putting together your fashion wardrobe. “You don’t want to wear a custom suit with a cheap pair of shoes. It takes away from the whole look,” Kristi says. “You put effort into designing all of the elements of your room and you don’t want to compromise on one of the biggest statements pieces — your rug. If you need to cut corners a bit, we can definitely do it somewhere else.”

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