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Terese Reyes Gallery Opening in Birmingham

August 9, 2017

Party Pictures from the Terese Reyes Gallery opening in downtown Birmingham. 

Photos by Jacob Iampa

Left to Right: 

1 Cathy Slavyk of Birmingham, Jeannie Duvin of Bloomfield Hills, Elaine Surnow of West Bloomfield and Nanci Kantor of Bloomfield Hills.  2 Elyisa Borow and Robert Stoel, both of Detroit.  3 Mike and Kathy Laffer of Bloomfield Hills.  4 Tyson Reeder of Chicago. 5 Elyse Foltyn of Birmingham and Lorraine Wild of Los Angeles. 6 Alex Mauro and Mike Ayaub, both of Birmingham. 7 Nancy and Jeff Lockhart of Bloomfield Hills.

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