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Style Profile: Veesh Swamy

March 28, 2017

Men’s style blogger and pre-med student

Viswanath L. Swamy, 20, better known as Veesh, is the creative mind behind LIVE VLS (livevls.com), a menswear-focused blog whose primary goal is to stimulate thought and action through the art of fashion. LIVE VLS is short for living with versatility, liveliness and style.

Veesh believes one’s purpose in life is found through looking at things with an open mind and being accepting and enthusiastic of change, all while developing one’s individualistic craft. His passions lie at the fulcrum of art and science, which has led him to pursue a career in neurosurgery. He’s a pre-med student at Wayne State University.

Veesh has spent more than two years designing his own luxury menswear brand named Blanc, which he plans to launch in late 2017 after completing a design-intensive program in Paris this summer. Veesh hopes his zeal for the arts will influence an invigorating and innovative career in medicine. NS

About His Look: Veesh styled himself head to toe in Bonobos, which recently opened its first Michigan guide shop in Downtown Detroit (1417 Woodward Ave.). Customers are assigned a guide who shows them the expansive website offerings of fits and styles to try on. Using an iPad, the guide goes to Bonobos.com to place the order, which is then shipped free-of-charge to the customer’s home. To schedule an appointment, visit Bonobos.com/guideshop. Walk-ins are welcome, too.

Grey glen plaid Foundation linen trousers, $158; Navy Windowpane Unconstructed blazer, $450; Daily Grind Limited Edition Button Down Navy Haro Pindot shirt, $98; and Americano Necktie blue/Bristol floral, $98, all from Bonobos. Sunglasses are by local brand Sharklion, available online at Optik Birmingham. Shoes and bag are Veesh’s own.

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