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Style Profile: Meteorologist Michael Estime

June 10, 2022

Michael Estime, one of the best dressed meteorologists around, shares style tips, fashion must-haves and favorite places around Metro Detroit.


In 2020, after nearly 15 years forecasting weather all over the United States, Michael Estime returned to his roots in metro Detroit to work at Fox 2 Detroit (WJBK) alongside the people he calls “the best meteorologists and news team in the country.”

Estime, who made career stops in Macon, Georgia; Lexington, Kentucky; and Cleveland, Ohio after graduating from Central Michigan University, says that joining Fox 2 is “a dream come true” and that he’s thankful to work in his hometown of Detroit.

As a “weather enthusiast and certified weather geek,” Estime says Michigan has it all. “From refreshing spring mornings and hot summer afternoons to crisp fall evenings and beautiful winter nights, Michigan’s weather is always changing and evolving, and keeps me on my toes!” he says.

Charlie Langston and Michael Estime

Where did your love of fashion and style come from?

As my close friends and family will agree, my sense of style did not come naturally — at all. It’s taken many, many years to craft a style that I feel defines who I am.

I would define my style as classic, comfortable, and cost-effective with a splash of pizzazz. Diversity and variety is the spice of life when it comes to my style, and I’ve been inspired by fashion icons in metro Detroit such as [retired Fox 2 anchor] Huel Perkins’ classic style, [reporter] Charlie Langton’s incredible tie collection, and even the beautiful clothing color pallets of [retired WXYZ-TV anchor] Diana Lewis. The way they mix and match their clothing and color is tasteful, elegant, and classy; and stealing from the best, I incorporate their forward fashion into my on-air style.

Meteorologist Michael Estime

What is your thought process for choosing your attire before each broadcast? What are your tips and tricks for looking good on-screen?

I always set my clothes out the night before an on-air broadcast. I like my wardrobe to reflect the occasion of the day as well. If it’s a holiday, Detroit sports game day, or even a severe weather day, I try to cater my clothing to reflect it. Here’s a fun insider secret: If you’re feeling tired, sluggish, or didn’t get enough sleep the day before, make sure to wear bright colors. People will perceive you as being more awake, aware, and chipper!


Your blue snowflake suit is legendary. Do you own any other fun seasonal or holiday-inspired attire, or do you anticipate debuting any other signature suits in the future?

The blue snowflake suit is my absolute favorite suit I own. I enjoy working the Christmas holiday to give my co-workers quality time with their families, so I figured, I may as well make it a fun time at work, and that’s what inspired the snowflake suit. I’ve been toying with the idea of wearing a full-on tuxedo on New Year’s Day just to start off on the best foot possible — you’ll have to join me on the first day of 2023 for that. Ha ha!

Meteorologist Michael Estime


What’s your advice for striking the right balance between flashy, fun, and classy?

Eye-catching, but not too distracting is my advice for striking the right balance between flashy, fun, and classy.


What are your top 3 wardrobe must-haves and why?

A dark Peacoat – It’s a solid choice for any and every winter occasion. If you’re not sure how to dress for an event you may be attending, it’s a good dress up/dress down option.

A nice watch – It a classic choice and goes with every outfit. It does not need to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, I’ve found a few very nice looking watches for less than $20.

Fun dress socks – I love a good pair of fun dress socks. They’re great for conversation starters, and can be a subtle way of showing off your personality.


You’re never fully dressed without …

A smile and a nice watch.

Meteorologist Michael Estime


What is your most cherished item in your wardrobe/closet?

I love being able to honor a friend or family member who has gifted me a sentimental tie or accessory by wearing that on television. I have several items, mostly ties that were worn by a loved one of a friend or family member who passed away. Wearing it on television brings back great memories, and gives that sentimental item “new life”.


What items do you think every man should try to incorporate into their spring and summer wardrobe?

As your local meteorologist, of course, I have to advocate for wearing sunscreen as a fashion trend in the warmer summer months, but also, a great pair of UVA/UVB-blocking sunglasses. Sunglasses are an underrated summer accessory that can go with all kinds of summer looks from spring and summer barbecues to outdoor weddings. A solid, eye-protecting, pair of well-fit sunglasses is a must during the sunny and warm summer months.

Meteorologist Michael Estime

Many men are intimidated by fashion. What are some style tips or pieces you think can make fashion less daunting for men?

My advice for the guys is … Remember, it’s not what you’re wearing, it’s how you’re wearing it. You can make just about anything look good as long as you’re wearing it with confidence.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

On any given beautiful sunny day, you can find me walking, running, or grabbing a bite along the Detroit Riverwalk. It’s my favorite part of our city. I also really enjoy biking our beautiful Metroparks and exploring the rich history of metro Detroit.

I’m also actively involved in our Stonewall Sports league, which is a community-based sports organization for LBGTQ+ individuals and allies.

Meteorologist Michael Estime


What do you love the most about the metro Detroit community?

Metro Detroit is home. It’s where I took my first steps and first experienced unconditional love. Metro Detroiters have a strong work ethic. It’s how I was raised in the city. Nothing is given; everything is earned — through hard work and dedication. Around every corner, you can find a story of commitment, inspiration, and triumph over tragedy. Detroit may not have the bright lights of New York or the glitz and glamor of L.A., but we have pride, authenticity, and grit that runs through our veins and makes me love my metro Detroit community each and every day.

Also, as a weather enthusiast and certified weather geek, Michigan has it all! We are blessed with all 4 seasons. From refreshing spring mornings and hot summer afternoons to crisp fall evenings and beautiful winter nights, Michigan’s weather is always changing and evolving, and keeps me on my toes!


What best describes your off-camera look or everyday style?

I’m all about comfort and quality outside of work. If you see me running around town at a local farmer’s market or along the Detroit Riverwalk, I’ll most likely be wearing quality athleisure wear.


Favorite quote or words to live by?

I have a bunch of quotes that I have written on my bathroom mirror, and serve as my morning inspiration and motivation …

“To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected …”

“Believe. Begin. Become”

“…Life isn’t about waiting for the Storm to Pass; it’s about learning to Dance in the Rain.”

“…Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine.”

“…Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.”


Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

This is more a message for your young readers. I learned at an early age that what you wear matters. It influences how others will treat you, and indirectly influences how you treat yourself. Get up … Dress Up … and Show Up!


Meteorologist Michael Estime will be moving to New York City to join the national news team at Fox Weather. As the newest on-air host, he will be able to reach audiences across the country and all of us at SEEN couldn’t be happier for him! Best of luck to you Michael!


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  • Teddi
    June 12, 2022 at 10:48 AM

    Michael, we will miss you on your leave here in Detroit. However, we wish you the best in New York and also Michael, we hope one day to see you back here in the Detroit area. Stay safe and God bless. P.S. I never got the chance to send you my dog family, that being Chauncey Billips, a Yorkie and his son Chance, a Shorkie. They both like to play basketball.

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