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Style Profile: Style Expert and Creative Consultant Alex Sak

May 29, 2020

Alex Sak has an unlimited passion for fashion and the art of creating. The style expert and creative consultant gives SEEN the lowdown on his progressive style

By Rachel Schostak 

Photography by Allison Farrand

Alex Sak wears many hats — and most of them are probably made by Gucci. The 32-year-old’s full-time gig is at the Gucci store at Somerset Collection in Troy, where he oversees how products are sourced, trains employees and works as a sales associate.

But he also owns his own firm, Alex Sak Consulting, where he works on development projects, event management and art curation with local businesses from the Detroit Foundation Hotel and Soho House to Lisa Spindler Photography. “Every day I get to be creative and connect with people and my community,” says Sak, who lives in Detroit. “It doesn’t get better than that.”

Alex Sak

How did you become interested in fashion? Fashion was always a passion of mine, but I never knew whether or not it was going to be a part of my career. I remember being 7 years old, shopping with my family during Christmas in New York City and telling my mom how fun would it be if we could just spend every day around clothes and put together outfits.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey. After college I moved to Los Angeles and interned in fashion marketing and PR, and after moving back to Detroit in 2012, I began freelancing for LA-based clothing and accessory brands doing wholesale and marketing development.

In 2016 I was asked to consult on a development project in Metro Detroit for a financial group, and it grew from there. My consulting firm is a very small company of one. I work strictly on a referral basis, giving me the freedom to choose projects that let me create and learn. 

Alex Sak

Mural by WC Bevan

What’s been your favorite consulting project? Last year I had the opportunity to work with my favorite artist and photographer, Lisa Spindler. I curated an exhibit called “Reflections” for the North American International Auto Show preview week. The installation was a series of photographs by Lisa illustrating both the emotional and physical changes in Detroit.

Who inspires you in the business industry?

1. Founders of PLAYGROUND DETROIT Paulina Petkoski and Samantha Bankle Schefman.

2. Owner of Lady of the House, Karl’s and Candy Bar Kate Williams.

3. Owner of Brooklyn Outdoor and J’adore Detroit Candice Simons.

4. My father, Dr. Daniel Sak

Who inspires you in the fashion industry, have you had any mentors along the way? I’ve had two mentors who played a significant role in my personal and professional development. My first was Annette BibbyOliver. She gave me my first internship in Los Angeles. She was tough love and after my contract ended, she secured my freelance work. The second is Jodi Berger. I met Jodi while working on a grassroots project in Detroit. When the project wrapped, she recruited me for lululemon where I was given the opportunity to help open the downtown lululemon local off Woodward Avenue in Detroit.

This month is our art issue. Who are your favorite artists? My top five: Lisa Spindler, Cleon Peterson, KAWS, Ellen Rutt and Gunnar Montana.

Local Love List…

You grew up in the Detroit area. What do you love most about the city? The people. Detroiters are a rare breed, full of hustle, grit and optimism. Detroit has a small-town feel in a big-city way that is very unique and special.   

Where do you enjoy shopping locally? I will always and forever be a Somerset shopper and I will probably split between there and the exciting new retail developments downtown.

What is your go to for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Breakfast: I love to going to the Siren Hotel for Populace Coffee and eating at a gem of a diner off Jefferson just east of the Renaissance Center called the Clique.

Lunch: The Apparatus Room at the Detroit Foundation Hotel.

Dinner: Lady of the House, Takoi or Selden Standard.

Drinks: Candy Bar.

Alex Sak

When you’re not working, where can we find you? Traveling, eating and/or dancing. If I’m lucky, all three at the same time.

How are you celebrating Pride month? Hopefully outside with friends. I live everyday like it’s Pride lol.

Now onto style…

What are three words to describe your style? It depends on the season. But overall, polished, progressive and flirty.

Do you have a favorite designer, or favorite designer of the moment? I have three. Alessandro Michele, Thom Browne and Virgil Abloh.

Alex Sak

Mural by Felipe Pantone

Who’s your style icon? My top three: Elton John, Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City” and Tom Ford.

What’s the most cherished piece in your wardrobe? My full-length mink coat that I “acquired” from my mom. The best things in life are the ones you don’t pay for.

Finish this statement, you’re never fully dressed without A timepiece.

Your current “must have” items?

Must haves that I own: Balenciaga Classic City Bag, Supreme crossbody and belt bag (shop similar), and pink Gucci windbreaker.

On my wishlist: The Dior x Rimowa Personal Clutch and the Gucci 1977 Tennis shoe.

Head to toe outfit details from the photoshoot: 

Outfit 1: Custom tuxedo jacket by Ali Cheaib at The Birmingham Tailor, Gucci trousers (shop similar), Saint Laurent patent loafers (shop similar), family heirloom ring, Shinola watch (shop similar), Cloverpost necklace from Society Boutique, Gucci quilted leather belt bag and Gucci rectangular frame sunglasses.

Outfit 2: Gucci pink synthetic jacket, Gucci men’s floral leggings, Shinola watch (shop similar), Gucci men’s black aviators with tiger (shop similar), Smplfd Detroit cap and Gucci X Dapper Dan high top sneakers (shop similar).

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