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How a Stay-at-Home Mom Can Turn a Passion into a Business

June 20, 2019

Mom of two, business owner and Instagram blogger Marianne Nafsu shares tips for starting a business while raising kids.

By Marianne Nafsu

It all began three years ago when my daughter was born. I was learning how to manage feeling overwhelmed as a new mom and figuring out how to overcome postpartum depression. After reading a book called “The Love Revolution” by Joyce Meyer, I became fascinated with the concept of finding what made me happy and focusing deeply into it. Shortly after I started my business from home, so many moms would ask me for help on figuring out different ideas they could start too.  These are my top three tips to turn your passion into a business.

Find your passion first

This is the most important part that starts deep within. It may be the hardest part too. Find your passion! What truly makes you happy, where you can work on it daily, and not feel like you are working at all? Maybe it’s the way you keep your home organized or how you design it. In that case, you can think about possibly helping others decorate their home with your ideas and charge a fee doing so. Find your mission. What do you want to accomplish with your business? How will it help others? Grab a journal and jot down the answers. Then think deep on ways you can flip your ideas into a business that will work best.

Do the research

As soon as you discover what you are most passionate about, look up how to start a business and what exactly you’ll need in order to launch. If you need to reach out to other entrepreneurs in the same niche, do so! Don’t be afraid either! There may be a handful that will turn your cry for help down, but you’ll be surprised at the ones who will take your hand and guide you toward the right direction. Keep in mind, you don’t want to sound too pushy or desperate, but figure out how to reach out and make it happen. Make Google and YouTube your best friends if they aren’t already. You can literally find everything you are looking for right on the Internet.

Create a balance with life and work

Three years later and two kids added on to the pile, I had to learn the hard way of balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship. The best advice I can offer is to get help when it’s offered and ask for help when it’s needed. Another great way to get work done is when the kids are asleep; this will help you focus on multiple tasks that need to be completed without any distractions from the little ones. Schedule time for yourself each day to plan out your business goals for the week and do whatever it takes to pursue them. Blocking out some “work time” on your calendar will help keep you going. It’s almost like a friendly reminder to let your mind know that you are switching from mommy mode to work mode for that hour, four hours or however long it takes.

Next time you think of an idea or have that “aha!” moment, write it down and turn it into something worth working for. You got this mama! I believe in you.

Marianne Nafsu is the founder of @FilteredEvents Digital Designs and mother of two. She finds sanity through blogging about motherhood and sharing inspirational posts to shed light on all tired moms. You can connect with her on Instagram at @coffeeandmomtime.

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