5 Social Distancing Date Ideas

June 9, 2020

Social distancing and your love life don’t have to be mutually exclusive. If you’re not quite ready to meet your date at a bar or restaurant, here are some other non-virtual ways to make sparks fly

By Alexandra London 

Order takeout from your favorite local restaurant

Restaurants are starting to slowly open back up. If dining out doesn’t seem appetizing quite yet, order takeout from your favorite local restaurant and host date night at your dining-room table. Don’t forget the candles!

Make a fort

Explore your inner child and  grab your favorite blankets to make a cozy fort — a great spot to watch movies, play board games or even eat a meal. Browse Pinterest for fort-building tips and get creative by adding fairy lights, fluffy blankets and tons of pillows. 

Take a walk

Feeling cooped up? Hit up one of the dozens of scenic hiking trails around Metro Detroit and take in nature together. It’s a date that will benefit both your mind and body!

Have a Picnic

Create the charcuterie board of your dreams and have an outdoor picnic. Set the vibe with traditional elements like a checkered blanket, picnic basket and finger foods. Host in your backyard or find a grassy field or park with pretty views.

Indulge in a Happy Hour

Play bartender at home! Create your own concoctions or make your favorite recipe from your go-to watering hole. Some local bars (such as the Kiesling in Detroit) have shared popular recipes on their website and now offer drink kits to-go!

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