Smart Homes

March 26, 2015

Technology adds convenience and control.

By Susan Kehoe, Ph.D.

Do nagging little doubts creep into your mind when you’re not home: Did I close the garage door? Turn down the thermostat? Turn off the coffee maker? Today, the “smart home” will help you with those questions and introduce you to a new world of choices, convenience and control.

Smart homes use automation technology to equip homes with lighting, heating and electronic devices that can be controlled in-house or remotely by phone or computer. Living in a smart home means you can ensure the dinner is cooked, the central heating is on, the curtains are drawn and a gas fire is roaring in the grate when you return from work. You can even receive a text message when your teenager arrives home.

Clearview Electronics is the premiere provider of smart automation solutions in this area. They install networks to share information across your home that enable you to run multimedia, security devices and home conveniences from a phone, tablet or handheld device. Clearview gives you a digital passport to monitor your home anytime, whether you are in the house or a continent away.

• Audio Video — If you’re part of a typical household, the remote controls multiply overnight. The beauty of smart home technology is that you can play a movie or music, dim the lights and close the draperies from your easy chair using a single remote or your phone. From any television screen in your house it’s possible to check the status of your security, lighting, appliances and temperature. The TV, Blu-ray player, CD changer and streaming services like Netflix and Pandora can be played simultaneously or separately throughout the inside and outside of your home.

Clearview can design one room or an entire home layout and custom install the configuration to fit your aesthetic: no spider web of wires hanging everywhere, or multiple components teetering in the corner, or daisy chains of surge protectors crawling along the wall. Clearview makes the entire installation look like the cover of Architectural Digest. As an award-winning member of the Installation Association, they retain employees with industry certifications. All employees participate in continuous learning classes to keep abreast of the latest innovations.

• Home TheatER Design and
— We all dream about the ultimate experience of a home theater. Clearview not only designs the perfect theater for you, they also provide theater seating, built-in cabinetry to conceal the equipment, and install audio and visual components to customize any size space. The turnkey service creates beautiful, stylish and authentic settings.

• Video surveillance — Some of us would forgo the home movie theater to know what the kids are doing while we’re away. Clearview can enable you to interact with the kids and tell them to wear their hats when they go off to school and do their homework when they return. With video cameras, you can view and record the entryways of your home to monitor unauthorized entry. You can also detect smoke, fire and carbon monoxide safety issues, and receive text messages or emails to alert you to problems.

Accessibility — Those of us in the sandwich generation can keep an eye on the baby monitor as well as our aging parents using smart home technology. For elderly or disabled residents, voice command systems can operate a telephone, control lights, lock doors and so on. Clearview automated systems can equip a home for emergencies and provide peace of mind for caregivers.

Efficiency — Smart homes offer enhanced energy efficiency by turning off lights when someone leaves the room, dialing down and regulating the thermostat, and managing appliances. In addition to the cost savings on electricity, water and natural gas, these efficiencies reduce the strain on natural resources and contribute to a greener world. NS

More information on Clearview Electronics in Keego Harbor can be found at www.clearviewelectronics.com or by calling (248) 681-8509.



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