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Shifting Your Perspective: How to Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 21, 2020

There are silver linings to be found in the coronavirus pandemic, says relationship coach Karin Katz — it’s just a matter of shifting our perspective

By Karin Katz

The world is truly grappling with how to live with the deadly enemy among us. An invisible war against a virus. I hear over and over again that life will never be the same after Covid-19. While many say we will forever be affected by the horrible loss of lives, mental trauma, isolation, loss of income and stifled freedoms, I say that the coronavirus has brought us a redefinition of life’s actual meaning and purpose, with a rediscovery of who we are and what we’re really made of.

Sure, our “new normal” is nothing short of some scary movie we thought could never happen to us. But it has. And we share this same reality with the entire world. This shared experience can help us feel less isolated in realizing that we are not alone.

The good (ish) news: There are strategies we can employ to help us stay strong and focused through the uncertainty we’re facing. Here are some ways to make the best out of a bad situation.

Make connections

Continue to reach out to friends and family via phone, text, email and apps like FaceTime, Skype and Zoom. Accepting help and support from those who care brings us strength — as does assisting others in their time of need. Reach out to someone that might need a listening ear, some encouraging sentiments or perhaps even some baked goods.

Move toward your goals

Do something regularly — even if it seems small — that enables you to realize an ambition. Ask yourself, “What’s one thing I can accomplish today that helps me move in the direction I want to go?” This can be related to health, fitness, organization, even healing broken relationships and friendships.

Stay hopeful

Try visualizing what you want rather than worrying about what you fear. It may not happen as quickly as we like, but this too shall pass. This is a time to pay close attention and learn what this illness reveals about us. Where might we need more strength and patience ? What negative patterns can we break?

Accept change

Certain objectives may no longer be attainable. Accepting things that cannot be changed can help us focus on circumstances that we can alter. We can change our attitudes, our gratitude, and our level of resistance. These are all attainable things.


Relationship Coach Karin Katz

Born and raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Karin has a BA in sociology with a minor in psychology, earning honors at Michigan State University. Along with certification in relationship coaching, Karin is an international blogger, past columnist and current contributing writer for SEEN Magazine. She can be reached at Kjk4570@gmail.com

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