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Meet Sheel Sohal: Your Michigan Real Estate Expert

March 20, 2018

Secure the luxury home of your dreams with a few key steps.

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By Stephanie Casola

Sheel Sohal’s passion for the real estate business is palpable. Sheel approaches his work in real estate at Michigan Luxury Homes-KW Domain as an opportunity to provide a memorable experience. He makes sure each square foot is shown properly and prides himself on customizing his efforts to each client. He researches every detail related to the homes he sells, so he knows just how to pair properties with the right buyer. For all this, Sohal has earned a name for himself as a foremost expert in luxury homes across Metro Detroit.

There is no secret to securing the luxury home of your dreams. According to Sohal, it all comes down to a few key steps:

A client’s vision 

A dream home to one person may not resonate the same with another. Sohal says luxury homes can range in price from $500,000 to $5 million based on the client’s vision. He gets to know what matters to each client individually before moving forward. When a client recently spotted her dream home in Curbed, he knew to secure a property that has multiple offers would take flexibility. It meant viewing the home at 8 p.m. and putting in an offer high enough to warrant attention but within the parameters the client could afford. The result? Pure joy and a lasting friendship.

Personal relationships

At Michigan Luxury Homes-KW Domain, Sohal has forged strong connections across the industry. He has assembled a dream team that includes the leading mortgage brokers, home inspectors, builders and other Realtors he trusts the most, knowing they won’t let him down. By working closely with these professionals, Sohal earns insight into the overall industry. It’s key to any successful home hunt.

Know your space 

Sure, luxury homes vary in size, but it’s the use of the square footage that makes a home into a luxury home. Sohal digs deep into every detail. He knows each property’s history and advises clients to find out how the rooms are positioned and can be used. He researches the size of a lot to ensure that any plans to build in the future are secure. Hunting in a historical district? He’ll guide clients through the laws protecting changes to the property and how to secure approval to build within those laws if needed.

Location, location, location 

Sohal doesn’t restrict his work to high-end properties, but he does specialize in them. When it comes to cities like Birmingham, Bloomfield and neighborhoods in Detroit like the historical Boston Edison or University District, Sohal fixes his eye on what’s next and what’s trending. If clients have a specific request, such as living near water, he seeks out properties that fit their needs.

Choose a Realtor you trust 

When it comes to buying any property, a real estate agent’s first order of business is preparing homeowners to make a move into a new opportunity. The best properties come with competition. But the right Realtor will guide clients through the process from mortgage approval to closing, mitigating the uncertainty that follows any offer. “It’s important to trust the person you are doing business with,” Sohal says. Behind the scenes, he’s studying market trends, connecting with industry pros and staying ahead of fluctuating home values to benefit his clients. “Two blocks can mean a difference of $2 million,” Sohal says. That’s the kind of information that makes a difference when searching for a dream home.

Connect with Sheel to start the journey to find your dream home: 
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210 S. Old Woodward
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  • Christina Ruckers
    June 13, 2019 at 10:44 PM

    We ended up using Sheel to buy our first home! Moving from Chicago and never being a homeowner, Sheel was very helpful with explaining the process but more importantly, assisting us with obtaining a home that over 5 offers on it. I never saw this article but a very good read.

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