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SEEN Store Spotlight: Lindsey’s Kloset

February 26, 2019

Pam and Lindsey Ferguson, co-owners of Lindsey’s Kloset, tell SEEN how raising money for breast cancer research led to their fashion boutique. Find out about their favorite spring fashion trends, and check out their shop on the SEEN Marketplace.

By Rachel Schostak 

1. When and what inspired you to get into this business?

Lindsey: Pam and I both have so many clothes — every time one of us opens up our closet, the other would make a joke about creating a store. In 2011, after a breast cancer scare in the family, Lindsey suggested that we do something to raise money and awareness for a sickness that affects so many women every day. So, we pulled our favorite vintage pieces from our closet and sold them — with all the proceeds going toward breast cancer. After completely selling out our inventory within six months, we realized that we managed to create a venture that could really be something.

Lindsey's KlosetVia @_lindseyskloset

Lindsey Ferguson, co-owner of Lindsey’s Kloset.

2. Who is Lindsey’s Kloset named after?

Lindsey: Lindsey’s Kloset is named after me, Lindsey, the co-owner. Before we sell anything in our store, we always ask ourselves, “Would I be caught in this?” The name of the store is a representation of the brand and style that we’ve created for our customers.

3. Most valuable lessons you’ve learned as business co-owners?

Pam: Sticking to a budget during fashion week.

Lindsey: That all good things take time. Running a successful business does not happen overnight.

Lindsey's KlosetVia @_lindseyskloset

4. What does a typical day look like for you?

Pam: I wake up, walk my dog, call my mom, check my emails, check the website’s analytics, check Instagram, call vendors and check my calendar for personal styling appointments for that day. Then I head over to the store to begin work for the day — which is always a new adventure.

Lindsey: Because I work both remotely and in-store, the first thing that I do when I wake up is check my emails. Communication is the key to success, so I always make sure that my correspondences are up-to-date. I’ll then follow up with our blog’s managing editor, our social media coordinator and Pam (our in-store manager and co-owner) to review our tasks for the day. I’ll usually dedicate my mornings to editing and reviewing articles for our lifestyle blog and spend the afternoons updating our social media platforms and reviewing potential inventory for the upcoming season.

5. Who inspires you in the fashion world?  

Pam: Pam & Gela — the creators of Juicy Couture. Their ability to create a luxury brand from cotton T-shirts is inspiring.

Lindsey: Kristen Crawley and Danielle Guizio — self-made businesswomen and fashion icons who consistently take risks both professionally and aesthetically.

Lindsey's KlosetVia @_lindseyskloset

6. What do you love most about your role as Lindsey’s Kloset co-owners?

Pam: Meeting new people and making them look and feel amazing.

Lindsey: Watching the brand grow. As a co-owner and entrepreneur, it’s imperative that I always stay focused when it comes to setting and reaching goals and accomplishments. To be a part of something so dynamic excites me about our company’s potential and future.

7. What are three words to describe your store?

Both: Edgy, glamorous, personal.

Lindsey's KlosetVia @_lindseyskloset

 8. What is Lindsey’s Kloset all about? Who is your customer?

Lindsey: High-end customer service in a posh, relaxed atmosphere. We always remember what you love and what looks good on you. We set up personal consultations and styling appointments so that each girl feels as if she has a wardrobe specifically curated for her. Lindsey’s Kloset is all about being the center of attention — our customer is the woman who thrives on creating the hottest new trend rather than following it.

9. What are your current favorite items in the store

Both: Right now we are obsessed with Frankies Bikinis new spring ‘19 line and House of Mua Mua novelty accessories.

Lindsey's KlosetCourtesy of Lindsey's Kloset

10. Are there any new products or lines you will soon carry that really excite you?

Both: We are really loving our new evening wear. It’s great watching our customers transform from every day to a night out. Having the chance to dress girls for weddings, a music festival and a job interview all in the same day gives us the chance to bring a variety to our styling.

11. In regard to your personal style, do you have a signature look or accessory?

Pam: All black with a pop of diamonds.

Lindsey: A beautiful diamond locket from my dad.

12. What trends do you most look forward to in the spring/summer 2019 season?

Pam: Slogan/graphic tees.

Lindsey: Kitsch headbands and hair accessories.

Via @mykitsch

13. Who inspires your style? Fashion style icon?

Pam: Coco Chanel — she created her own style for a modern woman (the little black dress).

Lindsey: Ralph Lauren — I love finding ways to give the classic “all-American” style an edgy twist.

14. Favorite fashion, lifestyle, food or business blog?

Both: Exhibit A  

15. A few items in your closet you can’t live without?

Pam: Comfy cashmere sweater, favorite ripped jeans and my tank watch.

Lindsey: Louboutin boots, Ray-Bans and my Yankees hat.

Lindsey's Kloset Via @lindsfergyy

16. Favorite quote or words to live by?

Pam: Carpe diem.

Lindsey: Just Do It.

17. Favorite place to eat?

Both: Crispelli’s.

18. Favorite place for coffee or tea? Favorite kind of coffee or tea?

Pam: Anything by Great Lakes Coffee.

Lindsey: Depending on what I need to get done that day, black coffee or green tea.

Great Lakes CoffeeVia Great Lakes Coffee Facebook

19. Currently reading?

Pam:Becoming” by Michelle Obama

Lindsey: “The Fifth Risk” by Michael Lewis

20. A perfect weekend for you looks like…

Pam: Relaxing at home, spending time with my dog, Pablo, and unwinding with my family.

Lindsey: Museum hopping or hiding out in the stacks of a bookstore.

 Shop our favorite Lindsey’s Kloset items on the SEEN Marketplace:

SHOP: For Love & Lemons sweetheart wrap mini dress, $230.

SHOP: Boys tears bag, $355.

SHOP: Convolution sequin pant, $240.

Stop by Lindsey’s Kloset at 4244 Orchard Lake Road in West Bloomfield. Follow @_lindseyskloset on Instagram and other social media accounts for in-store events and new products!

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