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SEEN Store Spotlight: 110 Couture

March 14, 2019

110 Couture co-owner Stacie Maier tells SEEN about bringing her boutique back to Birmingham, why she loves feathers and fringe and more. Check out her shop on the SEEN Marketplace.

By Rachel Schostak 

1. When and what inspired you to get into this business? My father was a salesman. Growing up I remember watching him build relationships — turning business associates into friends. It was quite extraordinary.

I loved putting clothes together from as far back as I can remember. Putting the two together was natural when I went to look for a job as a teenager. I was blessed over the years to now have a storefront filled with all the magical pieces we choose and help clients put those pieces together in a way that fits their lifestyle.

110 Couture in Birmingham, MIVia 110 Couture's Facebook

2. You were in business in the same location years back and recently re-opened again. How has your store evolved? The store has evolved the same way we have evolved. We are older, wiser, somewhat more practical but still love taking risks with our wardrobe. We are excited to have some designers in store from when we were first open and equally as excited to find new, up-and-coming designers to share with our clients. 110 Couture was created in 2003 as a place to find a great piece (or pieces) of clothing in a nonpressure environment where relationships are built and clients become friends.

3. What is the mission of your store, and how do you want customers to feel when they enter your space? We want our clients to be as excited to be here as we are. We know in this day and age where anything can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep that everyone who walks in our store is a blessing. Clothes are easy…it’s building the relationships that is what defines 110 Couture.

110 Couture in Birmingham, MIVia 110 Couture's Facebook

4. Three words to describe the store? Butterflies, leopard and leather. 

5. What does a typical day look like for you? No such thing as a typical day. We never know who is going to walk down the steps, and that is what is so exciting.

6. Who inspires you in the fashion/design world? Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

7. What are your current favorite items in the store? Hipchik Couture blazers — Andi the designer takes what people are thinking and adds those thoughts (in glitter) to a perfect-fitting blazer. Also Minnie Rose, Threads of PRVLG, Karina Grimaldi and lots of leathers from Italy.

Hipchick Couture Blessed blazer from 110 Couture

SHOP: Hipchik Couture blessed blazer, $320.

leather motorcycle jacket from 110 couture

SHOP: Jeweled leather motorcycle jacket, $610.

Miera T handbag from 110 Couture

SHOP: Miera T handbag, $480.

8. Tell us what makes the in-store experience special? The story of how we got here. You can feel the energy of Carrie’s parents, my father and the people we have loved and lost during the short period of time I left 110 Couture.

There is so much love in our downstairs space that everyone who comes in feels that love. We mix that with Jocelyn leather jackets, trousers from Italy or a gorgeous dress from Zhivago, and you have an experience you share with your friends and family when you leave. 110 Couture is a special store where hopefully you will find a piece of clothing that ends up becoming your go-to favorite piece. And there’s a 1950s Lucite fully stocked bar.

110 Couture in Birmingham, MIVia @110couture

9. Are there any new products or lines you will soon carry that excite you? The exciting part of 110 Couture is that every piece is handpicked by me and Carrie. We never get more then four pieces of a style. We rarely, if ever, reorder something — even if it sells out in a day. We want clients to feel special in everything they buy at 110 Couture and also to understand that when it is gone, it’s gone. 

10. A few items in your personal closet you can’t live without? Vintage Gianni Versace cobalt blue leather pants from the last collection he ever designed and my dad’s Detroit Tigers baseball hat (I never travel without it). 

11. Trends you love for 2019? I am a hippie at heart. 2019 is bringing back (again) feathers and fringe — mix that with lace, leather and balloon sleeves, and 2019 brings it all together. 

110 Couture in Birmingham, MIVia @110couture

12. Favorite quote or words to live by? “Everyday is a gift “— I guess that would be my favorite quote today.

Shop our favorite 110 Couture products on the SEEN Marketplace:

metallic pink belt bag from 110 Couture

SHOP: Metallic pink belt bag, $130.

Capulet bomber jacket from 110 Couture

SHOP: Capulet bomber jacket, $190.

Lauren Moshi rainbow eye baseball cap from 110 Couture

SHOP: Lauren Moshi rainbow eye baseball cap, $68.

Stop by 110 Couture at 110 S. Old Woodward in Birmingham. Follow @110coutureon on Instagram for in-store events and new products!

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