Winston Pet of the Week

SEEN Pet of the Week: Winston

June 17, 2019

Meet SEEN’s Pet of the Week: Winston, an English Bulldog from Macomb who loves bananas for treats!

By Alana Blumenstein

Name: Winston

Age: 2

Breed: English Bulldog

Owner: Chris DiGiuseppe

1. Where did you meet your owner?   

We met on Facebook! I was born in Kentucky and at 12 weeks old, I came to Michigan to live with my family.

2. What is your favorite place to go on a walk?   

I love to walk through my neighborhood in Macomb Township. I know all of the houses on my block where the other dogs live, and I like to look for the squirrels who hang out on the golf course by me.

3. What is your favorite toy?   

My favorite toy is my tire. I always take it with me to nap in my crate!

4. What is your go-to store in Metro Detroit? 

I really love when my mom buys treats from Three Dog Bakery at Partridge Creek Mall.

5. What is your favorite treat?   

I love bananas!

6. Where is the best place to get groomed?   

I like taking a bubble bath at home in the jacuzzi tub, but Petco gives the best nail buff and pad conditioning!

7. Do you have a hidden talent or skill?   

I play tether ball, and I can jump really high in the air!

8. What do you like about your owner the most?   

My mom lets me sleep in her bed and she shares her pillow with me.

9. What is the last thing you got in trouble for?   

I got very excited and peed all over someone who visited our house. Oops!

10. Who is your favorite dog account to follow on Instagram? 

@Manny the Frenchie.

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