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SEEN Launches New Podcast Karma Has Spoken

July 2, 2019

Danialle Karmanos interviews movers, shakers and difference makers from all over Metro Detroit inside her trailer, “Lucy.”

SEEN Magazine is excited to introduce a new podcast hosted by philanthropist Danialle Karmanos called Karma Has Spoken. Join this mother of four boys, beekeeper, journalist and boxer as she opens up and gets to know guests inside her retro teal trailer named “Lucy.” The series features captivating people who’ve built businesses, nonprofits and amazing careers in Metro Detroit. You’ll laugh, cry and be inspired to try new activities (like goat yoga!) listening to this podcast.

“I am obsessed with big-hearted, innovative thinkers — men and women who see obstacles as opportunities,” Danialle Karmanos said. “I love getting to know people who dare-to-dream and make it happen, especially the ones who do it with camaraderie and kindness. That’s what Karma Has Spoken is all about.”

Karma Has SpokenSean Proctor for SEEN

Danialle Karmanos and Detroit SOUP co-founder Amy Kaherl during a recording of the Karma Has Spoken podcast in her trailer named “Lucy.”

Each episode features an in-depth interview with a guest as well as a segment on must-try activities, fashion trends or the latest book you should be reading. Episodes in Season 1 feature Empowerment Plan founder Veronika Scott and her inspiring story of how she created coats for the homeless that turn into sleeping bags; Metro Detroit musician Bob Mervak who produced a children’s hit with longtime friend Kristen Bell; Detroit Soup co-founder Amy Kaherl who created a space for anyone with an idea to seek funding; and more.

You’ll also hear from a goat yoga owner, local stylist and florists whose hat box floral designs are all the rage across Metro Detroit. The can’t-stop-listening conversations are about being brilliantly bold, breaking the rules and failing fabulously. 

Karma Has SpokenErin Kirkland for SEEN

Danialle Karmanos with Farah and Oula of Maison Farola outside Karmanos’ trailer named “Lucy.”

“Over 18 months ago when I began to think about the evolution of SEEN and the media outlets for the brand, podcasts were a key part of what we wanted to do,” said SEEN Publisher Kevin Browett. “In keeping with the brand, we wanted an amazing, funny, charismatic, brilliant personality that brought intellect and charm with a fun, yet disciplined approach for making it all come together. Well, I needed to go not further than to my dear friend, Danialle Karmanos.”

Over breakfast at Toast, the two formed the idea for what is now Karma Has Spoken with Danialle Karmanos. 

“Danialle makes each guest feel immediately at home, and she does her homework so every podcast is beyond special and well worth a listen for things you will never hear anywhere else,” Browett said. “We are beyond fortunate to have her as our star!”

Listen to the podcast on karmahasspoken.com, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and anywhere you can find podcasts.

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    July 10, 2019 at 6:06 AM

    I love this concept!!! I can’t wait to see all the movers and shakers that’ll be on the podcast.

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