SEEN Cat of the Year Winner 2019

May 8, 2020

Congrats to Hugo, the winner of SEEN’s Cat of the Year contest! Learn about this Maine Coon’s neighborhood adventures, his love for avocados and his one peculiar “skill”

Name: Hugo

Age: 3 years

Breed: Maine Coon

City: Royal Oak

Owner: Justin Fontenelle

1. Where did you meet your owner?

I first met my owners at my breeder’s house after they traveled two hours to come pick me up. It was love at first sight from both ends!

2. Where is your favorite place to go on a walk? 

I’m an indoor and an outdoor cat, so I love to roam the neighborhood and get some exercise. I am known by the neighbors as “the majestic cat.”

Every day, my mom takes my sister dog on a walk and I like to follow behind them. People always stop and stare at us or sometimes they even stop their cars to take pictures! I guess they’ve never seen a cat go on a walk before?

3. What is your favorite toy? 

The world is my oyster! I can turn anything into a toy when I’m really bored, but I do enjoy some catnip here and there.

4. What is your go-to store in Metro Detroit? 

I’m pretty low maintenance and don’t do much shopping for myself, but my parents love Amazon. There’s a new package on the porch every day! Sometimes they surprise me with some new treats.

5. What is your favorite treat? 

I love avocados! They are my favorite food. If my mom or dad is cutting one up I won’t leave them alone until I’m able to sneak a little piece for myself. They are so tasty!

6. Where is the best place to get groomed? 

My mom and dad attempt to groom me themselves. I hate it! I get so mad when they try to cut my hair. As soon as they pull out the scissors, I run!

7. Do you have a hidden talent or skill?

When I go on long walks in the summer, I pant like a dog. My mom and dad think it’s so funny and are always taking videos of me. Weirdos!

8. What do you like about your owner the most? 

They let me be me. I know I’m not a typical, “normal” cat. I weigh 20 pounds and have very unique personality. But they love me for me!

9. What is the last thing you got in trouble for? 

Eating my parents’ food. I love human food. Everything is so delicious, I can’t help myself!

10, Who are your favorite pets to follow on Instagram?

I like @goldenunicornrae because she is so unique. And @thezenkitty is funny — they live the life! Also, give me a follow at @themajestichugo.

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