Seasonal Skincare Tips from Detroit Aesthetics Co.
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Seasonal Skin Care Tips from Detroit Aesthetics Co.

November 2, 2021

As the seasons change, you probably switch out your wardrobe by putting away the shorts and bathing suits and pulling out your sweaters and coats. But do you change out your skin care regime?

By Korie Wilkins
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Kyle Farr, owner of Detroit Aesthetics Co. in Plymouth

If you aren’t switching how you care for your skin – and not just on your face, but your body as well, you are likely seeing some less-than-desirable changes like dryness, acne or irritation, says Dr. Kyle Farr, who owns Detroit Aesthetics Co. in Plymouth.

“Our skin has different needs in the winter versus the summer,” Farr says. “You can’t really use the same products year-round and expect the same results.”

In the summer, our skin tends to be oilier, as you sweat more and it’s more humid. In the winter, your skin tends to be drier and flakier. Fall is an excellent time to take stock of how your skin is behaving and start to slowly add, remove or switch out your products.

Farr says many clients need to switch up their cleanser especially, moving to a milky or cream-based cleanser. If that doesn’t do the trick to remove makeup, Farr says to double cleanse with an oil cleanser first to remove makeup and then follow up with a milky or cream-based cleanser. 

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Hydration, obviously, is key as well, and Farr loves a product by Skin Better Science called Trio, that helps keep your skin moist by replacing the fatty lipid barrier. It’s not a thick, greasy moisturizer either, he says, but it is incredibly effective.

Many people notice a build-up of dead skin around this time of year, and for the acne-prone, that can translate into breakouts, Farr says. Exfoliation is critical during this time, to prevent clogged pores and to keep a healthy glow.

Farr loves to bust this myth: Exfoliation does not necessarily lead to dry skin, if you do it correctly. That’s why you should see an experienced aesthetician, who can assess your skin and make recommendations on how to care for it.

As for exfoliation, there are chemical exfoliators like retinols, alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids. And there are mechanical exfoliators like scrubs. Both kinds of exfoliants can be mild or aggressive and you can absolutely use both, as long as you are listening to your aesthetician, Farr says. “It can be easy to overdo it,” he says.

At the Detroit Aesthetics Co., a popular treatment is the HydraFacial MD, a treatment that resurfaces the skin through washing, exfoliation, extraction and antioxidant protection in one step. And, Farr says, there’s no downtime! “We aren’t burning your face off with chemicals,” he says. “It’s gentle and effective and gives you that glow.”

Seasonal Skincare Tips from Detroit Aesthetics Co.


One of the most important things to remember when you are considering winter skin care is that there is no “one size fits all” solution. And Farr says his team treats clients as individuals, pulling products from different skin care lines to make a custom regime that is tailored to your personal needs. 

Farr has a client who works in a very dry environment, for example, so he tailors her skin care regime to address that. But another client who might work at home with a humidifier running needs a different plan. 

Lastly, Farr reminds his clients at every visit to always use SPF. Yes, even in the winter. And yes, every day. The snow actually reflects more UV rays than water or sand, so while you might not get a sunburn in January, those rays are still doing damage. “For my clients who ski especially, it’s easy to get a lot of UV exposure in the winter, so SPF is key,” he says. “If you only do one thing, use SPF daily, all year.”

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