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Schoolyard Stylin’

August 1, 2016

The latest looks for back to school.

Photographer: Jerry Zolynsky
Creative Director: Deborah Schultz
Casting and Production Director: Constantina for Talent Media Services
Wardrobe Stylist: Michelle Hutchins
Hair Stylist: Raimonda Gjekaj-Pepaj for Fiaz Salon & Spa
Hair & Make-Up Stylist: Sigal Levine and Aferdita Qafa
Wardrobe Stylist Intern: Regina Gjonlleshaj
Social Media: Alexandra Jona & Stephanie Allor for Brand Barr
Camera Assistant: Ron Shelton
Models: Leah Jeffries, Shea Cooney/Productions Plus. Mazen Dagher, Lauren Miller and Alyea Rourke/The i Group
Special thanks to Cranbrook/The Brookside School for our beautiful location shots


Description for main photo:
learning at Brookside’s Outdoor Classroom
Left to right: Rattlesnake Peplum dress by Molo, $70; scout cross body blue glitter purse by Kate Spade, $128; Neiman Marcus, Troy. Black love choker, $8; Guys-N-Gals, West Bloomfield. Boots, model’s own. Blue jean jacket and notebook, stylist’s own.
White check-pocket jersey tee by Burberry, $85; bright cherry red jacket by Burberry, $250; Neiman Marcus, Troy. Pants, belt and shoes, model’s own.
Blue check Appaman button-down shirt, $54; Navy vest by Moncler, $345; Neiman Marcus, Troy. Pencil case and white watch, stylist’s own.
Black dress by Vintage Havana, $40; Neon Fun lunch tote by IScream, $20; all accessories; Guys-N-Gals, West Bloomfield. Deep claret leggings by Burberry, $75; House Check/Black cape by Burberry, $850; Neiman Marcus, Troy. Shoes, model’s own.
Sleeveless trench dress by Burberry, $235; hot pink keychain by Bari Lynn, $20; Neiman Marcus, Troy. Space Junk lunch tote by IScream, $20; accessories; Guys-N-Gals, West Bloomfield. Boots and sweater, model’s own. Cat socks, stylist’s own.

Reading In the Children’s Garden Philippa long-sleeve smocked checked dress by Burberry, $225; Black leggings by Burberry, $75; Neiman Marcus, Troy. Rattlesnake leather-studded backpack by chloekny, $72; Pom-Pom keychain, $26; all accessories available at Guys-N-Gals, West Bloomfield. Shoes, model’s own. White polo by Burberry, $70; Blue zip-up by Ralph Lauren, $70; Dark navy track pants by Burberry, $110; Neiman Marcus, Troy. Leaf green-burnt orange Kanken mini backpack, $65; fjallraven.us. Shoes, model’s own.


Taking A Break in Brookside’s Hallway Between Classes Gemstone sleeveless dress by Molo, $100; Neiman Marcus, Troy. Neon Fun travel bag by IScream, $21; Purple beaded necklace, $18; Rainbow furry key chain, $6; Guys-N-Gals, West Bloomfield. Shoes, model’s own. Jacket, bracelets and earrings, stylist’s own.


Brookside Hallway: Rock ‘n’ Roll green tee by Rowdy Sprout, $34; Skull choker by Stoney Clover Lane, $16; IScream backpack and accessories; Guys-N-Gals, West Bloomfield. Jacket and shoes, model’s own. Leggings, stylist’s own. Faded Bulldog three-quarters sleeve shirt by Lauren Moshi, $54; accessories; Guys-N-Gals, West Bloomfield. Bitten Smocked eyelet skirt by Molo, $70; Liane down lightweight down puffer vest by Moncler, $245; Canvas Bow headband by Bari Lynn, $27; Neiman Marcus, Troy. Shoes, model’s own.


Detroit park baseball hat, $35; Guys-N-Gals, West Bloomfield. Outfit and shoes, model’s own. Backpack, stylist’s own.


Inspiration In Brookside’s Art Room Karley Pique Polo shirt by Burberry, $85; Rhinestone Bow headband by Bari Lynn, $24; Neiman Marcus, Troy. Beaded pink necklace, $10; Guys-N-Gals, West Bloomfield. Jeans, earrings and shoes, model’s own. Sweater and pink beaded necklace, stylist’s own. Flannel by Vintage Havana, $52; accessories; Guys-N-Gals, West Bloomfield. Rozalia limited edition jersey tee, $50; skinny stretch denim jeans, $150; Neiman Marcus, Troy. Shoes and earrings, model’s own.


Playing The Tunes In Brookside’s Music Room Hockey Sticks tee by Wes and Willy, $24; Guys-N-Gals, West Bloomfield. Pants and shoes, model’s own. Flannel, stylist’s own. Peace & Love cotton tee by Junk Food, $34; Splatter hoodie, $66; Black studded choker, $8; Guys-N-Gals, West Bloomfield. Shoes, model’s own. Jeans and earrings, stylist’s own.

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