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Rewold Family Celebrates 100 Years of Business Rooted in Rochester

October 15, 2018

Community celebrates 100 years of Rewold and Son building a legacy in Southeast Michigan.

By Andrea Walker

Rooted with deep history in the Rochester area, the Rewold family celebrated 100 years of its family-owned business on Friday with the opening of its new headquarter facility, and a big celebration, in downtown Rochester.

More than 1,300 stakeholders, community members and partners attended the celebration that ended with a fireworks display in downtown Rochester, adjacent to the new headquarter building on Second Street.

“We are thrilled to be celebrating our family and the community,” Sean Rewold says. “This is a party 100 years in the making for us.”

Frank Rewold and Son began when Frank M. Rewold joined his father working at Meadow Brook Farms for John and Matilda Dodge. Frank would go on to be the personal contractor for Matilda Dodge Wilson, spending decades building, fixing and renovating her estate, now known as Meadow Brook Hall.

Frank’s son Roy would soon join him, working on the estate as well as completing Sunset Terrace, the retirement home for Alfred and Matilda Wilson on the campus of Oakland University. In 1967, Roy became the first mayor of the City of Rochester.

Now, 100 years later, Frank Rewold and Son has spent decades building, consulting, renovating and restoring the Rochester area and beyond. The company helped construct of Leader Dogs for the Blind, Rochester College, Oakland University housing and instructional facilities, Oakland Hills Country Club, the Onynx Ice Arena, the Older Persons’ Commission, Royal Park Hotel, several Rochester Community Schools projects and more.

“Our foundation is built on ageless attitudes like pride in our people, quality work and commitment to our clients,” says third generation Frank Rewold.

“When we started, business was done on a handshake. To this day we have not forgotten what that exchange means,” he continues. “We take pride in lasting relationships, earning trust and providing the highest quality service that span generations. I look forward to my sons Jason and Sean leading us into the next century.”

Featured above: President and CEO Frank Rewold, Beverly Rewold, Vice President Jason Rewold and Sean Rewold, who works in project support.

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