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The Rainbow Connection Walk for Kids at Jimmy John’s Field

September 29, 2017

Pictures of The Rainbow Connection Walk at Jimmy John’s Field in Utica.

Photography by Jerry Zolynsky

From left to right:

1. Dany Bimer of Warren holds 4-year-old Maya during the National Anthem. 2. Walkers walk around the outside of the stadium. 3. 9-year-old twins Jacqueline and Audrey Northrup of Marine City. 4. Joe Nadeau and Kevin Eller, both of Southgate. 5. Walkers hold the large flag during the opening ceremony. 6. 6-year-old Emery Koskodan of Grand Blanc helps hold the large unfurled flag during the opening ceremony. 7. Tom Gustairs and Sonja Berger, both of Fraser, grab a hot dog.

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