Linda Dresner

Q&A with Fashion Guru Linda Dresner

August 25, 2018

Linda Dresner shares her fall fashion essentials and favorite spots around Metro Detroit.

By Stephanie Steinberg

Photography by Boswell Hardwick

1. What are some of your fall fashion essentials?

You need a good rain coat, important! You need comfortable trousers and skinny trousers. You need comfortable sweaters, oversized or tiny. They can be both. You need bodysuits, tights, boots that are not high heels. You need coats, warm hats, a scarf, gloves. You need things that are functional but are also interesting. Not that they should rattle or snap.

2. Your travel essentials?

I only pack one suitcase even though I only go to Europe twice a year. One suitcase. I don’t care. It’s jeans, a good sweater, good rain coat. I’m not a fashionista that has to have something astonishing on every minute. It has to be nice, it has to be good, I have to feel good in it.

3. Heels or flats?

Even though I brought a pair of heels for my photo opp, I don’t wear heels anymore because I don’t like the way they look. But sometimes I like the way they look when you sit down.

fashion guru Linda Dresner

Linda Dresner poses at her boutique, Linda Dresner, in Birmingham.

4. If you could dress anyone, who would it be?

I don’t have somebody I wish would come and shop. It’s not like that anymore. What I wish for is that women would have more self-confidence, more self-love and be more free in their selection of clothes and who they are.

5. Do you have a style icon?

Not anybody in particular, but it’s more of a visual thing. I pick up things from how I see things.

6. As a Birmingham resident, do you have a favorite coffee shop?

My favorite coffee shop is my kitchen.

7. Favorite restaurant?

I like Phoenicia, I like Assaggi — I like Mediterranean restaurants. I like places that we can just stop in like Streetside on Pierce Street.

8. Name one item you never leave home without?

My purse. I’ve been wearing the same work purse now for like six years. And I’m finally going to pick out a new one.

9. How do you like to spend the weekend?

I don’t work on Saturdays anymore. My husband doesn’t work on Saturdays either — I made him stop. We both used to work on Saturdays and I said, “No, we have to spend the day together.”

fashion guru linda dresner

10. Something people don’t know about you?

I don’t have any secrets, but I just want them to know I suffer the same way they do when they have to get dressed.

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