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Prom Dress Trends for 2017

April 17, 2017

Sequins, lace, two-pieces and Merlot.

By Karleigh Stone

The day begins as high school senior girls wake up with glittering eyes, excited smiles and butterflies in their stomachs as they look ahead to a morning of pampering, an afternoon of photographs and an evening filled with gourmet food, stunning decorations, and unforgettable music and dancing.

It’s PROM — the biggest and last dance of high school and one of the most anticipated events of all four years. To some girls, the most exciting part of the experience is how they will get asked to prom, but, because not all girls choose to go with dates, one could argue the most exciting part for any girl is finding the perfect gown.

Prom is a night where everyone dresses to the nines. So what are the hottest trends in prom style this year?

Across the board, two-piece dresses with sequin or gem accents seem to be the most popular. According to the sales manager at BCBGMaxAzria at Twelve Oaks Mall, flowy, light fabrics are in, especially for a skirt with a crop top. Additionally, she says high-low skirts are a current trend and the mermaid style is out. Natalie is also seeing a great deal of focus on an intricate back design in the dress.

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“Lace is pretty popular too — lace with the overlay of sparkles,” says Arlette Stobbe, co-owner of Bella Mia Dressed-Up in downtown Plymouth.

Natalie agrees. Both fashion professionals say plunging V-necklines are in and strapless, sweetheart necklines are fading quickly into the background.

In direct contrast to the V-neckline, Natalie, Arlette and local students are finding that high-necklines are a popular prom style trend, too.

“In the past years, girls came in and they wanted a strapless, sweetheart neckline,” Arlette says. “Last year, the neckline started going up and being an illusion neckline, meaning it’s mesh across the chest.”

Two North Farmington High School senior students, Emily Baron and Sophia Jozwiak, will be showcasing these major trends.

Emily will sport a fully sequined gold dress with a V-neckline, while Sophia will be dancing the night away in an embroidered, pale blue gown with a higher neckline.

The two agree that the two-piece dresses are by far the most popular, and they have many classmates wearing high necklines. So, where are the local seniors shopping for these gorgeous gowns this year?

Emily shopped around at Macy’s and BCBG, but decided to purchase her dress from Nordstrom at Twelve Oaks Mall. Similarly, Sophia mentions Nordstrom, Macy’s and David’s Bridal among the most popular shopping destinations for her peers. Both girls also know of classmates who shopped outside of Michigan to find the perfect dress.

The consensus among stylists and students alike is that navy and maroon are this year’s most popular colors.

“This Merlot, cranberry color, it’s really hot. It’s what we’ve been selling a lot of,” Arlette says.

What direction are prom dress trends headed in? In one word — short.

One sales associate says she is seeing more short dresses being stocked and bought than in recent years at Nordstrom. Arlette adds this trend is growing strong on the coasts.

“Ninety-nine percent of the prom dresses we sell are long, but I will add that on the East Coast and the West Coast, where the cutting-edge trends are stronger, they are wearing short dresses, but not so much in the Midwest yet,” she says.

Tips From The Experts

What advice do these professionals have for girls shopping for prom?

“Be willing to try on anything; see how it looks on you,” says the sales associate at Nordstrom. “Be open. Different styles may surprise you! I know many girls who say they won’t wear a certain color or style and then that’s the one they end up choosing.”

Arlette’s advice is along a similar line.

“Don’t get locked into a certain look just by going through magazines and online,” she says. “You could see a dress you fall in love with and think you definitely want to have it, but sometimes the silhouette you fall in love with in a magazine or online is not conducive to your figure type. So have an open mind!”

Emily and Sophia have their dresses picked out and are looking forward to their last high school dance, which will take place at the Roostertail in Downtown Detroit on Thursday, June 1.

“I am most excited to see the looks on people’s faces as they walk in the door,” Emily says. “I am looking forward to celebrating this memorable night with my classmates.”

Both girls are members of their class’s senior board and have been an integral part of the prom planning process.

“I’ve been working with my fellow board members to make this night possible for four years, and I know it will be worth it,” Sophia says. “I’m excited for our class to be joined together for one of the last times, eating and dancing and having a good time!” NS


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