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How to Power Your Heart to Power Your Mind

April 10, 2019

Artist and psychologist Dr. Paula Kliger is presenting the exhibit “We are Human First” at Detroit’s Galerie Camille April 12-13. She shares an exert from her book “Power Your Heart…You Power Your Mind.”

By Dr. Paula Christian Kliger

Through self-study, we are in pursuit of self-understanding. A process that engages the whole of our being, what we are aware of and what we are not but are seeking to know.

As we journey along our own developmental line we become aware of who we are, how we operate in the world and how we affect the world. We evolve a personalized lens for perceiving and understanding how life works for us and others. Self-study offers the opportunity for growth and mastery creating a “shift of mind” that inspires greater depth, clarity and flexibility in each of us that we need in our beliefs and assumptions, we need in our decision-making and in the actions we take for ourselves and on behalf of others.

The Five Core Transformative Self-Study Practices Include:

  1. To develop your observing and mindfulness, which means being in the present — mind, body, emotions and spirit — embracing the importance of knowing, nurturing and taking care of the whole integrated self.
  2. To deepen your self-reflection in order to have access to greater self-awareness and self-mastery — leading to insight and wisdom.
  3. To expose yourself to a full range of life experiences — different people, different lifestyles, different worlds — and to cultivate valuing your awareness and acceptance of self in relationship to others.
  4. To practice being curious and making meaning out of each and every daily life experience.
  5. To dedicate yourself to finding your purpose, your calling and making a difference in people’s lives and, in doing so, make the world better.
Dr Paula Kliger

Dr. Paula Christian Kliger

“We are Human First” will be held 7 p.m. April 12 and 13 at Galerie Camille at 4130 Cass Ave. in Detroit. The event is designed to bring people together with different backgrounds, perspectives and diverse cultural experiences for an art-filled evening of discussion, designed to be experiential, introspective and interactive. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

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