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Popup Offers Designer Fashion for Women of All Sizes

May 16, 2018

A partnership between celebrity stylist Christos Garkinos, J’adore Detroit and 11 Honoré brought size-inclusive designer apparel to the Detroit Foundation Hotel.

By Lauren van Haaren of J’adore Detroit

The hottest collection of designer clothing was flown to Detroit for a collaboration of women empowerment and revolutionary change in high-end fashion.

Candice Simons, CEO of J’adore Detroit and Brooklyn Outdoor, co-hosted the event last weekend at the Detroit Foundation Hotel with celebrity stylist Christos Garkinos, founder of the fashion popup Covet by Christos. They partnered with 11 Honoré to highlight the opportunity the retailer offers women sizes 10 to 20 to shop designer fashion.

Honore 11Courtesy J'adore Detroit

Celebrity stylist Christos Garkinos with J’adore Detroit founder Candice Simons.

The fashion popup gave women a one-on-one shopping experience with Detroit fashionista Simons, Christos Garkinos and Jessica Raiter, the style director of 11 Honoré.  The online shopping site 11 Honoré is revolutionizing the world of size-inclusive fashion. The company recognizes that although 70 percent of U.S. women are a size 14, designer clothing stops around size 12.  The site is changing the game of fashion by offering a vast selection of designer brand clothing to the many women who have been left out due to size constraints.

Simons is no stranger to the conflict of adoring designer fashion, and facing limitations of high-end luxury options, especially in the Detroit market.

“This is an opportunity that I have been looking for and have even started curating my own line to fit my tastes that you will see coming very soon,” Simons says. “There has always been a need for size-inclusive luxury fashion and we no longer have to wait for it — we have arrived. It has been such a pleasure to partner with the first brand to truly address that need in a beautiful way.”

Honore 11Courtesy of J'adore Detroit
Honore 11Courtesy J'adore Detroit

The high-end fashion popup held in the penthouse suite of the hotel was a space for Simons and women in Metro Detroit to shop the world’s top designers they may not have been able to before. The event was about shopping high-end fashion, but it was also an empowering display of the many shapes of beauty.

The clothing among the 11 Honoré spring collection featured designers such as Marchesa, Zac Posen, Baja East, Dima Ayad, Christian Siriano, TOME and Prabal Gurung. There were over 100 curated pieces for women to shop from, offering a variety of clothing to fit different body types.

Honore 11Courtesy J'adore Detroit

Although the clothes on the hangers we’re absolutely stunning, it was the women wearing them that brought the apparel to life. The hallway leading to the penthouse suite was transformed into a runway, where women were able to strut their stuff with confidence.

Honore 11Courtesy J'adore Detroit

Candice Simmons shows off a high-end coat on the runway.

“It was such an amazing experience. There are so many women, who like me, love fashion and have felt like we have been left out from the brands we love,” Simons says. “11 Honoré has broken the glass ceiling of fashion and we cannot wait to see what is next.”

Candice Simmons created J’adore Detroit, a lifestyle blog centered around arts, entertainment, fashion, culture, travel, food and everything she loves. J’adore Detroit celebrates, publicizes and forges connections between Detroit area residents and some of the city’s most innovative and inspiring creators.

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