Pooch of the Year

January 29, 2015

A Star Is Born

This cute little Teddy Bear stole readers’ hearts.
By Jackie Headapohl

TigerLily — or Tiger for short — is already a little princess. Now she’s also a star. The nearly 2-year-old Teddy Bear dog was chosen “Pooch of the Year” by readers of Neighborhood Seen.

“Let me tell you how excited we are for this award,” says Frank Yesbick. He and wife, Stephanie Yost, Tiger’s proud pet parents, live in Bloomfield Hills and work as finance professionals in the auto industry.

“Her name was a compromise between our favorite baseball team, the Tigers, my favorite golfer Tiger Woods and the fact that she is a female,” Frank says. “However, everybody calls her Tiger anyway, unless she gets in trouble!”

Tiger has been known to dress up and down on many occasions from her preppy winter coat down to her personalized Lions jersey, which she “loves to wear on game days,” Frank says.

Being named Pooch of the Year is not Tiger’s first claim to fame.

“She made the front page of her grandparents’ newspaper-style holiday Christmas mailing, which was distributed to about 80 of the family’s close friends and relatives,” Frank says. “Ironically, the same photo that earned her the title of SEEN’s ‘Pooch of the Year’ was featured alongside the short article, which highlighted things such as her graduation from puppy class earlier this year and what it’s like to have ‘snowbird’ grandparents.”

Tiger, who likes riding in cars, bully sticks and going for walks, has a nightly ritual, which Frank and Stephanie dubbed “power hour.” It consists of 15-20 high-speed figure-eight laps around the kitchen island or family room coffee table, almost always at 10 p.m.

“Her grandpa, Don, who passed away in May last year, knew exactly when power hour was about to begin and loved to urge her on,” Frank says.

Tiger loves going to visit her grandma’s house, Stephanie adds, where she hides under the couch when it’s time to go. “She doesn’t want to leave!”

At home, her favorite spot to sit and relax is in one of the family room’s bay windows, atop an ultra-cozy faux fur throw and pillow.

Tiger, who is crate-trained, spends most days at home while her parents are at work, although Friday she enjoys a day at The Trim Shop in West Bloomfield, where she gets a wash and a blow-out.

Tiger has many quirks that put a smile on the faces of her parents. For example, she likes to eat her dinner while watching TV. “She will carry her bowl of food from the kitchen into the family room and eats on the carpet in front of the TV. Then she goes back and cleans up the food that fell out,” Frank says. “She also tries to do this with her water bowl, which does not work as well.”

Tiger also loves the car, sitting down in the seat like a little kid while the car is in motion. Once the car stops, she will get up and look out the window. Once the car is in motion again, she sits back down. She also enjoys getting a treat. “She plays with it, rolls around on top of it and throws it up in the air before she eats it,” Frank says.

According to her proud parents, Tiger is “counting down the days — though whether in dog years or human years, we’re not sure — until the weather warms so she can get back to playing in the great outdoors.”

She especially enjoys the Townsend’s “Yappy Hour” and Frankenmuth’s many dog-friendly festivals. NS

You can make your pet a “star” by submitting a high-resolution photo to the Pooch Page or the Scratching Post (for cats) to editor@neighborhoodseen.com. Include your pet’s name, age, breed and city. 

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