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New Candy-Coated Chunk Nibbles Helps Veterans with PTSD

November 9, 2018

Rochester native Brad Cocklin started the candy company Chunk Nibbles this year. He tells SEEN how he uses his family recipe to help veterans and service dogs.

By Stephanie Steinberg

Photos by Amanda Winn Photography

The SEEN team tried Chunk Nibbles in the office one day, and we’re all now addicted! Tell us about this family recipe!

The recipe has been in our family going on three generations! Passed down from my grandmother to my mother and now to me. It has been a family favorite originally made around the holidays, but we felt it was something that can be enjoyed year-round. The delicious balance of salty and sweet together makes it an incredibly addicting treat!

Chunk Nibbles Cocklin familyCourtesy Brad Cocklin

Brad’s mother Marian Cocklin, Grandma Cuddy and Brad Cocklin.

Can you share the ingredients?

Like most recipes, grandmas normally keep them close to the chest. I can’t reveal all the details, but the salty-sweet combination are all ingredients purchased locally in the Detroit area.

When did you start this company?

We started in June 2018.

What were you doing before Chunk Nibbles?

I worked in commercial insurance in Chicago, and prior to that I was working in hospitality in New York City, which was what my degree was in.

What’s it like running a candy company in Metro Detroit?

It is very exciting! I am meeting a lot of great people who operate in this space and everyone has been very helpful.

Chunk Nibbles

Proceeds benefit the local nonprofit Stiggy’s Dogs, which trains service dogs for veterans with PTSD. Why support this cause?

My family has always had tremendous respect for the military and people who serve for our country. They deserve our utmost gratitude and that doesn’t mean only when they are in uniform. My grandfather is an Air Force veteran himself. It made sense to support a cause that not only is saving the lives of countless dogs but giving them a loving mission to support those people who fought to protect our freedom!

Where can people find Chunk Nibbles?

Currently you can find Chunk Nibbles at Busch’s, Papa Joe’s, Vince & Joe’s, Plum Market, Holiday Market, Western Market, Eatori, DeVries, Market Square, Rocky’s Historic Eastern Market, Bizzy Buzz Artisan Market and multiple cider mills in Oakland Township!

Chunk Nibbles

Have any big plans for 2019?

We have exciting news that two new flavors are in the works. The first is chocolate peanut butter, and the other is a s’mores flavor, so be on the lookout for those!

Anything else we should know?

Our entire family wants to thank everyone for all the support! We are very humbled and happy about the response from the community!

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