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45+ Michigan-Based Wedding and Engagement Photographers

July 15, 2020

These Michigan-based wedding and engagement photographers are experts at capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments

By Nicole Glynn and Chelsie Dzbanski

Avery Phillips

@averyphillips_Avery Phillips Photography

Patty Leonor


Patty Leonor Photography

Breanne Rochelle

@breannerochellephotographyBreanne Rochelle Photography

Tabby & Serj Ortan

@serjortanSerj Ortan photography

Lindsey Fender

@fenderphotoLindsey Fender Photography

Shauna Wear

@shaunawearphotoShauna Wear Photography

Jane Victoria

@janevictoriaphotographyJane Victoria Photography

Jen Boris


Jen Boris photography

Olivia Stouffer

@livinthemomentweddingLive In The Moment Wedding photography

Tiffany Backmeier

@tiffanybackmeierphotoTiffany Backmeier photography

Kelly Cieslak

@keepers_by_kellyKelly Cieslak photography

Amanda Lalama

@amandalalama.photoAmanda Lalama photography

Niki Marie

@nikimariephotoNiki Marie photography

Chapter Holden

@holdenphotographsChapter Holden photography

Erin Schmidt

@erinschmidtphotoErin Schmidt Photography

Erika Christine

@erikachristinephotoErika Christine Photography

Samantha Leigh

@samanthaleighstudiosSamantha Leigh Studios

Morgan Diane


Shelby Monette

@monnettecoShelby Monette photography

Chelsea Devlaminck

@devlaminck.photoChelsea Devlaminck photography

Shelby Robinson

@shelbzrobinsonShelby Robinson photography

Cassie Tackett


Northern Native photography

Rosy and Shaun Feliciano

@rosyandshaunRosy and Shaun photography

Chrissy Jenks

@chrissyjenksphotoChrissy Jenks photography

Courtney Koss

@courtneyannaphotographyCourtney Koss photography

Jack Hoyle

@jackhoylephotoJack Hoyle photography

Cecilia Alexa Proskauer

@ceciliaproskauerCecilia Alexa Proskauer photography

Jennifer Woodward

@capturedcouturellcCaptured Couture Photography

Kelly Sweet

@kellysweetphotoKelly Sweet photography

Leanna Nichols

@sageandfernphotoSage and Fern Photography

Autumn Thornsberry

@athornsphotoAutumn Thornsberry photography

Alora Rachelle

@alora.rachelleAlora Rachelle photography

Katie Vonasek

@katie_vonasekKatie Vonasek photography

Melissa Donnelly

@melannephotographyMelissa Donnelly photography

Nicole Morisco

@nicolemoriscophotographyNicole Morisco photography

Nicole Lashar

@nicoleleannephotoNicole Lashar photography

Kendall Cobb

@_ofwildflowersOf Wildflowers Photography

Frankie Krusen

@frankiephotomiFrankie Krusen photography

Casey Brodley

@caseybrodleyCasey Brodley Photography

Katie Rogers

@kerogersphotographyKatie Rogers Photography

Lindsey & Brandon Billings

@wearethebillingsWe Are The Billings Photography

Evan Davies

@evandavieswedEvan Davies Photography

Kaylea Moreno

@krmorenophotoKaylea Moreno Photography

Daniela Kovacs

@ellas.momentsEllas Moments Photography

Grace Kalil

@gracekalil_photographyGrace Kalil Photography

Jillian Kamel

@jillianmelissaphotographyJillian Melissa Photography

Brian Weitzel

@brianweitzelphotoBrian Weitzel

Magan Gilliland


Aislinn Timmons


Brittany Carress


Amber Marie Smith


Haley Jean


Meg Darket


Esther Tuttle


Marisa MacLachlan


Kat Calverley


Joslyn Duncan


Elissa Ribant


Kathy Davies


Rachelle Welling


Esther Galan


Amanda Dumouchelle


Molly Grunewald


Manal Ali


Dave & Ang Kovacs


Julia Cuddy


Cassidy Danae

@cassidydanae.photoTay Anderson


Elizabeth Berghuis


Do you know a Michigan-based wedding photographer that should be included in this list? DM us on Instagram at @seenmagazine for consideration!

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