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9 Metro Detroit Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

March 22, 2018

In honor of the March Home Issue, SEEN rounded up the best Metro Detroit interior designers to follow on Instagram, who are serving up some serious home design goals.

By Chelsie Dzbanski

1. Leighanne LaMarre Interiors

Metro Detroit interior designers

Since 2010, Leighanne LaMarre has been carrying out her passion for interior design. With a clean, sophisticated and put together design aesthetic, Leighanne LaMarre shares her perfectly curated spaces, as well as behind the scenes construction, before and after reveals and more on her Instagram account @leighannelamarreinteriors. For more information visit, leighannelamarreinteriors.com.

2. The Yellow Cape Cod

Metro Detroit interior designers

Talk about door step goals! Interior designer Sarah Macklem not only serves up some seriously adorable porch designs, but shares cozy corners and themed design boards full of decor inspiration, all on her Instagram @theyellowcapecod. Learn more about Sarah and her e-design services at theyellowcapecod.com.

3. Cynthia Evans Interiors

Metro Detroit interior designers

Cynthia Evans plays with pattern, texture and color effortlessly throughout every space she designs. Cynthia shares beautiful snapshots of her clients’ dream spaces on her Instagram account @cynthiaevansinteriors, which are quickly becoming our dream spaces, too.

4. Lily Jace Designs

Metro Detroit interior designers

Lily Jace Designs’ story is almost as unique as the spaces they produce. Lily and Jace are the daughter and son of Salma and Lauren. Through their children’s friendship, Salma and Lauren were able to meet and bond over their love for interior design, which led to the start of Lily Jace Designs. Their spaces are homey, but uniquely characteristic, and make you want to curl up on the couch with a good book. Check out their work on their Instagram at @lilyjacedesigns, and visit lilyjacedesigns.com for more information.

5. Tutto Interiors

Metro Detroit interior designers

Cheryl Nestro, creative director of Tutto Interiors, has been designing beautiful spaces for over 15 years. With a holistic approach to design, Cheryl aims to create fluid spaces throughout a home and has a knack for combining function with style. Follow her on Instagram at @tuttointeriors for amazing transformation reveals, construction processes and more. Visit tuttointeriors.com for more information.

6. Armina Interiors

Metro Detroit interior designers

From elegant modern interiors to more relaxed, bohemian spaces, Armina Kasprowicz delivers a little bit of everything for everyone’s taste. Check out her Instagram account @arminainteriors for design inspiration, home decor details and much more. For more information, visit arminainteriors.com. And check out her latest post for SEEN, “What to do When Your Partner has Different Decor Taste.”

7. Conklin House

Metro Detroit interior designers

Follow Clare Conklin’s journey of renovating her 1979 Michigan home from top to bottom, on Instagram at @conklinhouse, as she reveals before and afters, design tips and renovation advice. We can’t wait to see the finished product!

8. North and Birch

Metro Detroit interior designers

Steph Morris, owner of North and Birch, believes that good design tells a story, and it’s safe to say that her designs live up to her beliefs! With a focus on both residential and commercial interior designs, Steph Morris can bring your “home decor” Pinterest board to life with her trendy but refined eye. Follow Steph on Instagram at @northandbirch for pretty decor detail shots, a look inside her design projects and her life as a mom. For more information visit, northandbirch.com.

9. PORT mfg. & Design

Metro Detroit interior designers

Anne Strickland, owner of PORT mfg. & Design, delivers cozy, inviting and personable spaces to her clients without missing a single detail. Her process involves envisioning how clients will live in a space and then creating an environment that promotes a beautiful and functional quality of living. Anne loves sharing design inspiration, her spaces and her adventures on her Instagram account @portmfg. For more information, visit portmfg.com. Also read about Anne’s style in our March style profile and get a look inside her organized closet!

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