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15 Metro Detroit Fitness Influencers to Follow

January 21, 2020

Craving a daily dose of health and wellness? Follow these Metro Detroit fitness influencers on Instagram

By Chelsie Dzbanski 

1. Sitara BirdSitara Bird

Yoga instructor, Barre teacher and hoop dancer Sitara Bird brings all around good vibrations to the health and wellness space with her precise and spiritual approach. With a focus on movement medicine and holistic health, her bohemian-flavored feed attracts more than 58K Instagram followers. From foraging in the forest to cultivating deep connections and whipping up #highvibineats (aka, delicious and healthy meals you’ll want to try ASAP), Sitara offers a wide range of content for wellness lovers of all of kinds. Check out her blog sitarabird.com or give her a follow on Instagram at @sitarabird.

2. Katy HendersonKaty Henderson

Certified personal trainer and nutrition coach Katy Henderson’s mission is teaching women how to optimize their metabolisms, simplify nutrition and achieve lasting weight loss. (Yes to all of the above!) Her private coaching program is designed to fit within your lifestyle while still achieving your goals. In addition to her services, Katy offers a plethora of health and wellness information on her Instagram account @conditionedbykaty, from step-by-step workout routines, simple recipes to try and so much more.

3. Lindsay Holder

Lindsay HolderPhotography by @fashonvega

Lindsay Holder leads, influences and empowers the Detroit fitness community — she’s the definition of the ultimate goal getter. With a yogi mindset and a sprinkle of Detroit hustle, Lindsay is a serial fitness entrepreneur who aims to help you be your best self by shifting your mindset around food, your body and how you “show up” in life. Sign up for nutrition or private coaching sessions on her website hustlehardholder.com, or follow Lindsay on Instagram at @hustlehardholder for your daily dose of motivation and empowerment.

4. Ursula Mullen

Ursula Mullen

Fitness, health and wellness enthusiast Ursula Mullen closes business deals by day and crushes it in the gym by night. This Metro Detroit-based real estate agent shares a mix of business and wellness content on her Instagram account @ursulamullen. From workout routines she’s currently loving, grocery hauls, Amazon obsessions, home design inspiration and more, Ursula is one to follow!

5. Deanna Dahlinger, RDNDeanna Dahlinger, RDN

Are you sick of all the fad diets and trends that never end up working for you? Look no further! Registered dietician and nutrition expert Deanna Dahlinger created her blog deesdailydish.com to share how easy healthy living can be. With a foundation of evidence-based knowledge and applying principles of health and food to nutrition, Deanna provides her clients with individualized programs and the tools to build happier and healthier lives. Follow her on Instagram at @deesdailydish for mouthwatering recipes, workout videos, products she’s currently loving and more.

6. Dalton Criswell

Dalton Criswell, founder and CEO of MI Nutrition

Confused about what fitness supplements to take? Us too! Dalton Criswell, founder and CEO of MI Nutrition, dedicates himself to teaching others how to make educated supplement purchases, diet choices and to develop workouts that best suit specific fitness goals. With 10+ years of experience in the fitness industry (experience that includes bodybuilding, powerlifting and coaching), Dalton is well-equipped to deliver clients the results they’re looking for. Follow Dalton on Instagram at @daton_criswell where he shares supplement advice, exercise routines and more.

7. Dani Dudek

Dani Dudek

Dani Dudek is a personal trainer, podcast host, movement starter (#pressonprettygirl) and, most importantly, REAL. This unapologetic badass babe inspires women to never be defined by their failures and to always press on. Whether she’s rallying a girl gang to join her Press On Pretty Girl community, killing it in the gym or embracing the messiness of life on her in-the-works podcast “Barely Making It,” it’s safe to say Dani is a force to be reckoned with. Follow her on Instagram at @dani_dudek.

8. Lynette Hoyle

Lynette Hoyle

If you’re sick of choosing between nachos and abs, then Lynette Hoyle has a solution for you! As a certified personal trainer, Lynette helps women lose fat without sacrificing their favorite food, social life or happiness. (Sign us up!) Her Balance and Thrive fitness coaching program is designed to help set healthy, sustainable habits while achieving and maintaining physical results. Get on track with Lynette and follow her on Instagram at @lynettemarieh for fitness tips, easy workout routines and super-cute fitness gear!

9. Bryana Bryan

Bryana Bryan

Med student and fitness guru Bryana Bryan is living her happiest and healthiest life. Indulging in a plant-based diet, Bryana loves sharing her healthy, simple recipes with her followers on Instagram at @dry.brybry. Peep her “plant-based” story highlight and IGTV for all the delicious details! In addition, Bryana dives into other topics including mental health, her journey through med school and products she’s currently loving.

10. Bassey Ekpenyong

Bassey Ekpenyong

Inspired by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Bassey Ekpenyoung started his fitness journey over 10 years ago. Today, as a fitness model, actor and musician, Bassey has represented various brands in fashion, food and beverage and health and wellness. With a passion to be the best version of himself, Bassey strives to inspire and encourage others to take that step towards leading a more fit and healthy lifestyle and to live by his philosophy: “You are your maker.” Follow him on Instagram at @blackbassey where he shares workout videos, projects he’s working on — and lots of abs!

11. Ashley Harland

Ashley Harland

Would you like to lose up to 20 pounds in 90 days? Ashley Harland, a personal trainer and founder of Bangin’ Body Blueprint, has a program for you! No more endless cardio and eating salads 24/7 just to reach your goals. Ashley has created a program to help you build — and keep — the body you’ve always wanted. Follow her on Instagram at @ashleyharland and check out her “mini trainings,” featured in her story highlights, that are packed full of key fitness advice.

12. Jaclyn Renee

Jaclyn Renee

Bloated? Tired? Stressed? Jaclyn Renee can relate. After years of struggling to properly take care of her body and mind, Jaclyn made it her goal to eat right and manage her stress properly. She quit her job as a hairstylist and went back to school to become a certified Holistic Health Coach. Now, she works one-on-one with women who are struggling just like she was. Head to her website jaclynreneewellness.com, where you can purchase downloadable meal plans, scan delicious vegan recipes or sign up for one of her nutrition services. Follow Jaclyn on Instagram at @jaclynreneewellness for even more healthy content! (To read more about Jaclyn’s latest venture, check out our story on the Classroom!)

13. Desi Johnson

Desi Johnson of Des2Fit

A busy schedule may be an excuse for some to skip out on the gym, but it’s never been a good-enough reason for fitness professional Desi Johnson. As the co-founder of Des2Fit, a corporate wellness and fitness company that designs fitness and health programs for busy professionals, Desi helps eliminate the reasons you’re unable to commit to a work out session. From personal training, nutrition consulting and workout classes, Desi provides “busy bees “with tons of options. Visit des2fit.com for a full list of services and follow him on Instagram at @des2fit for more.

14. Kori Cicchini

Kori Cicchini

If you love Lululemon, a good sweat sesh and all things social media, then Kori Cicchini is your girl! As a social media advisor at General Motors, plus an avid weightlifter and all around wellness advocate, Kori loves hitting the gym and sharing her fitness journey with her followers on Instagram. Follow her at @koricicchinifit to discover how she’s cutting weight and hitting her daily protein goals. Oh, and did we mention her cute workout outfits? (It’s all about #LookGoodFeelGood, right?)

15. Brittney Gatehouse

Brittney Gatehouse

After starting a fitness-focused Instagram account in 2016 to keep herself accountable and achieve her New Year’s resolution, Brittney Gatehouse gained hundreds of followers who were interested in seeing more of her fitness journey. With more than 43K followers to date, she now shares everything from area-focused workout circuits, healthy recipes and how she’s seen results from the popular BBG fitness program. Follow Brittney on Instagram at @brittneyrae_bbg for all this and more.

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