Meet SEEN’s Newest Board of Advisor Members

September 2, 2020

SEEN recently welcomed four new members to our Board of Advisors. You’ll be seeing their faces in every issue. Here, a little more on the people behind the pictures


Corey Damen Jenkins

Corey Damen Jenkins

Where I live: Bloomfield Hills

What I do: I’m a designer — and a “therapist.” So much of what I do is listening to what’s said (and, more importantly, what’s not said), and making it into a visual reality as an interior designer. My job isn’t to think about the best color palette or the proper sofa to put in the corner, but how will you live? I help people create the best backdrop to raise their families.

Why I love Metro Detroit: I was born and raised here so I feel a certain synergy and commitment to the city. When it fell during the recession of 2007-08, I felt that fall, because I launched my firm from nothing during that time. When the city rose, I rose with it. We’re both comeback kids: often counted as down and out but always rebound stronger than ever.

Why I’m excited to be part of SEEN: SEEN has set itself apart as a leader in all things lifestyle, and the brand fits Detroit because Detroit is a city that deserves to be seen. Everything from Motown and techno music to cars were generated here, and SEEN underscores the value of what Metro Detroit and the city mean to the U.S. and the world. 

Armina Kasprowicz

Armina Kasprowicz

Where I live: Rochester. I’ve been in Michigan for 26 years but I’m originally from ToruŃ, Poland. It’s a charming, beautiful Gothic town where Copernicus was born. We came here because my husband, a physical therapist, got a job.

What I do: I’m the owner of Armina Interiors, a boutique residential interior-design firm. We mostly see projects in Michigan but I have some clients in other states. I recently did a project in Key Largo, Florida that was one of my biggest ever. We gutted it and finished it in a little over a year. It almost killed me, but it was very rewarding to see my clients so happy. 

Why I love Metro Detroit: It’s always changing, with new businesses and restaurants and people coming here. My husband and I are both from bigger cities and when we came here in our early 20s, downtown Detroit was sad. Now, we go downtown whenever we have a chance. There are so many buildings and so much architecture I want to see again or haven’t had a chance to see yet. 

Why I’m excited to be a part of SEEN: I think it will help to balance my life. Working as a designer can be a lonely business and I like how the magazine brings people together. I’m excited to know more people and be a part of something.  

Bruce Schwartz

Bruce Schwartz

Where I live: I bounce between the suburbs and my apartment downtown.

What I do: I lead a team called the Detroit Ambassadors for Rock Ventures. Pre-pandemic, I’d give tours to people who were interested in seeing all the development going on downtown and I’m very active in the community. I’ve toured everyone from sixth graders in Detroit Public Schools to Madonna, Aretha Franklin and Warren Buffett. Tours are on pause for now, but everything else is in full gear.

Why I love Metro Detroit: The people make it all. I love that the neighborhoods, the political scene and business and community leaders are all working together. We’re all collaborating and all on the same mission: to come together and support the city and all of Metro Detroit.

Why I’m excited to be a part of SEEN: I like that SEEN showcases people who don’t typically get recognition. Like the Young Changemakers [from the August 2020 issue] — you’re putting regular people on the cover and talking about all the great things they’re doing. That’s a do-good thing. I see the potential of this publication only continuing to grow.

Meagan Ward

Meagan Ward

Where I live: Belleville, but I was born and raised on the west side of Detroit.

What I do: I’m a women’s entrepreneurial activist, which means I do a number of community initiatives to enhance women’s empowerment in entrepreneurship on a local and global scale. Locally I’ve founded companies — like my branding agency, Creatively Flawless and my women’s coworking space, Femology — that have helped catapult women in their business endeavors. I’ve visited different countries to help women impact and empower their communities, from Russia to Georgia to Trinidad and Tobago. I’m also mom to a 3-year-old son.

Why I love Metro Detroit: There are so many reasons. Our network of women has set the standard for sisterhood. I think other major cities look at us — and our community of women entrepreneurs figuring it out and lifting each other up as we go — and get inspired. 

Why I’m excited to be part of SEEN: SEEN is one of the outlets that I feel is a staple in our community. Between my passion for diversity and inclusion and my background in women’s empowerment, brand strategy and philanthropy, I’m excited to share my knowledge and expertise. 

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