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The New Method for Mastering Your Dream

March 25, 2019

You may be unconsciously pushing your purpose away. Here are four simple tips to achieve your dream.

By Holly Mihelic

If you’re chasing your dreams, here’s the best tip you’ll ever get: STOP.

That’s right. STOP chasing your dreams.

This probably seems alarming to you because it’s pretty much the opposite advice you’re conditioned to hearing. We’ve been programmed to believe, “Good things come to those who hustle,” and “Sleep is for the weak.”

But if you’re not happy with how things are currently going, it’s time to adopt a new approach. This success technique comes down to energy and intention. Think about it…

What do you naturally do when you’re being chased?

Run away.

We’ve been wired to believe our dreams are something we have to go after, chase, race toward, etc. We glorify all-nighters, overloading on caffeine and being busy.

Though, what we actually achieve when we’re in that state of mind is exhaustion, doubt, frustration … and a dream that always seems out of reach.

It’s time to work with your dreams differently. How? Stop chasing and start trusting. It works. In fact, the mastery of this approach is what evolved the wolf into man’s best friend, the dog. A popular theory is that wolves used to follow hunters to scavenge the remaining meat that man didn’t eat. Over time, after watching from afar, wolves began to trust humans and even help with the hunting. Now 20,000 to 40,000 years later, we have our best furry friends in a variety of breeds.

This same process works perfectly for uniting you with your dreams, too. Here’s how to shift the energy around your dreams in four simple steps:

1. Take ownership.

Read this closely: Your existence doesn’t depend on your dream, but your dream’s existence depends on you. Your dream needs you to give it a home. Step into your power as the master of this dream. There’s no room for doubt or second-guessing. When you’re in this frequency of confidence, your dream will come to you, not the other way around.

2. Build trust.

Rather than frantically running in a million different directions, plant your energy in one place. Tie up the loose ends, finish the necessary research and make the critical connections you need in order for your dream to trust you. Your dream must know you are safe, reliable and ready to be the master it needs. This step requires diligence and patience, but it creates the foundation your dream needs to thrive.

3. Flash the bone.

As you’re working in this new energy, your dream has been near, watching and waiting the whole time. It now trusts you and knows you mean well. It’s waiting for your move. When you’re ready, boldly make your offer. This offer will be different for everyone as all of our purpose paths are unique. Just listen to your intuition, you’ll know exactly what your dream needs to be lured in. Be open and certain as your dream cautiously inches toward you until it’s in your arms.

4. Love it hard.

Once your dream has come to you, it takes a lifetime of love, attention and care. Your dream will have good days and bad days, and as its master, it’s your job to keep providing it what you promised. Keep in mind that not chasing doesn’t mean not working. Your dream will require countless hours of your presence and attention for it to prosper. Most dreams have shorter lifespans than we think, so love it hard while you have the chance.

It’s extraordinary what goodness will come if you’d just let it.

Holly Mihelic

Holly Mihelic is a life coach and founder of She Glows Wellness, where she helps women and teen girls heal their hearts, minds and spirits through natural remedies and experiential practices. Learn more about her sessions and circles at sheglows.co and connect with her on Instagram at @hollymihelic. 

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