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Mastering Equinox’s HIIT Class

April 9, 2019

SEEN’s Alexa Caccamo tried Equinox’s Master of One class. She survived the intense HIIT workout and lived to share what it was like.

By Alexa Caccamo

Photography by Alyssa Lopatin

Intense, exhilarating, breathtaking and rewarding. Those are the four words that describe my experience at Equinox.

Equinox is a new fitness facility in Bloomfield Hills, providing luxurious training through state-of-the-art equipment, classes and one-on-one training sessions led by certified trainers.

Equinox Bloomfield

SEEN contributor Alexa Caccamo attended an 11 a.m. fitness class taught by Brooke Rozmenoski at the new Equinox in Bloomfield Hills.

There are 98 Equinox clubs in the U.S., and the first in Michigan opened in December 2018. To get an insight of what Equinox is like and what it has to offer to gym members, I recently took the Master of One class to see for myself.

The first step I took in the gym, I was speechless. Everywhere I looked members were training to the highest extent by themselves or with trainers. I was also amazed to see that the 47,000-square-foot club also has a spa room where guests can unwind after a workout, boutique-style offices to discuss memberships and a Beyond Juicery + Eatery for a pre- or post-workout snack. For a gym, it was refreshing to see a high-end atmosphere rather than the typical workout setting with locker room aroma.

I then found my way to the group fitness room where the Master of One class took place. The Master of One class is a 50-minute class that consists of high-intensity interval training while using one weight. These workouts aim to strengthen all parts of your body during the workout.

Group Fitness Room

The Group Fitness room where the Master One class took place.

As soon as the clock struck at 11 a.m., it was go time. Once the upbeat music began to play, Brooke Rozmenoski, the class instructor, told the two dozen participants to pick up their weight (you could choose between a 5 or 15 pound one) and begin the first set.

Master One Class

Eager and ready to go, Alexa picks up her weight to start the first set of the Master of One class.

Although the exercises lasted for 30 seconds to a few minutes, it felt like forever. Performing HIIT with my weight was nothing like I have ever experienced. I was sweating, gasping for air and worked every part of my body that I never thought to pay attention to during my regular workouts at home. It was almost intimidating to see and partake in the intensity level during those 50 minutes, but do I regret attending the Master of One class? Absolutely not.

Certified trainer

With the help of certified Equinox trainer, Brooke Rozmenoski, Alexa got through some of the toughest intervals of the course.

After attending the Master of One class, I can say that Equinox is the “master” of fitness. Working out to the class was one of the most challenging things I’ve done in terms of my health and fitness, but the feeling I got when I left the class made it all worth while. I left the club feeling toned, beat, ready and accomplished. If a friend or family member asked me to go Equinox for a class or even a simple workout, I would not hesitate to respond “yes.”

High intense interval training

Although each set seemed like to last “forever,” Alexa pulled through and completed the Master of One class with a brand new mindset of fitness.

Overall, the class gave me the best knowledge to apply to my everyday workout routine as well as my overall health, and I would not turn down a chance to visit Equinox in the future. A welcoming environment, top-notch equipment and properly trained staff were all the things Equinox has that will make reaching your health and fitness goals a success.

To sign up for a class, one-on-one training session or a membership, visit equinox.com  for more information.

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    Brooke Rozmenoski
    April 11, 2019 at 2:30 PM

    love! come hang with us again soon!!

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