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Marlo Broughton: An Emerging Artist SEEN in Detroit

May 29, 2018

Artist Marlo Broughton’s work was featured around the Motor City when he created movie posters for the film “Detroit” released last summer. He tells SEEN about his artwork.

By Stephanie Steinberg

Photography by Justin Milhouse

Name: Marlo Broughton

Artist name: Marlobro

Age: 30

City: Detroit

Hometown: Detroit

Marlo BroughtonCourtesy Marlo Broughton

1. How long have you been in Detroit or Metro Detroit?

Born and raised.

2. What age did you start doing art?

4 or 5.

3. What medium do you typically work with?

Acrylic and interior paint.

Marlo BroughtonCourtesy Marlo Broughton

4. How would you describe your artwork?


5. Where do you find inspiration?

Traveling and life experience.

6. What’s one of your favorite pieces you’ve made?

“Detroit” movie banners for Playground Detroit that were installed around the city.

Marlo BroughtonCourtesy Marlo Broughton

7. Who’s one of your favorite Detroit artists?

Nic Notion.

8. Who’s one of your favorite artists?

My mom.

9. If you could collaborate with any artist (dead or alive) on a painting, who would it be and why?

Leonardo da Vinci because he was an inventor.

Marlo BroughtonCourtesy Marlo Broughton

10. Where can we find your work?

1xrun.com and @marlobro on Instagram.

11. Do you have any upcoming shows?

I’ll be participating in Murals in the Market in September.

12. What’s something others may not know about you?

I went to school to study industrial design at Wayne State University.

Marlo BroughtonJustin Milhouse/SEEN

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