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Restaurant Review: Mabel Gray

January 1, 2016

Expect personal service, handwritten menus, and a fresh, comfortable atmosphere. Chef Rigato is at the helm, and he and his staff will welcome you to their neighborhood.

Mabel Gray’s website states, “You should expect personal service, handwritten menus and a comfortable atmosphere.” In addition to more than 1,000 Facebook fans, I can attest that Chef James Rigato delivers on all aspects. I met Chef Rigato for a top chef interview prior to having dinner in his new restaurant. The idea of having a daily menu based on the availability of fresh ingredients is unique. Can you imagine the time it must take to start fresh every day, plan your menu and prep for service in a few short hours? That is truly a commitment to his patrons.

The daily menu we perused prior to dinner included everything from homemade pickled vegetables and fresh green bean salad with grainy mustard, to a beef heart reuben served on house-made rye bread. By the way, you can add a duck egg to that sandwich or anything else for $4. How about giving credit to the farms that supply the fresh ingredients for the majority of the offerings on the menu.

Our choice for dinner included duck breast (hold the egg) with Michigan chestnut mousse, house kraut, cranberry just and smoked apple mustard. The presentation was a work of art. I know taking pictures of your food is pushing it, but this was one of those outstanding dishes you stare at for quite a while prior to enjoying. Other guests enjoyed salmon with seared chowder, curried pumpkin, wild rice and herb. Dessert was creme brulee with huckleberry topping and vanilla Chantilly created by the talented pastry chef.

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The restaurant offers an eight-course tasting menu for $65. It can be accompanied by beverage pairing for $35. Reservations are recommended.

Mabel Gray

23825 John R Rd.

Hazel Park, MI 48030



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