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Luxury Garage Sale Comes to Birmingham

May 21, 2018

The pop-up founded in Chicago offers Metro Detroiters a chance to buy and sell designer clothes and accessories this month.

By Julia Heppard

Designer clothes at significant savings is their mantra.

Luxury Garage Sale, a pop-up where shoppers can buy and sell designer items, is open in Birmingham this month.

Seven years ago, two best friends, Lindsay Segal and Brielle Buchberg, saw a hole in the consignment market and turned that hole into a business.

Luxury Garage Sale Julia Heppard/SEEN

Luxury Garage Sale staff in Birmingham.

Segal was a personal stylist, helping people with their wardrobe and cleaning out their closets, while Buchberg was helping her grandparents liquidate their antique shop. The Chicago residents needed to find, Buchberg says, “a business that could help people sell their things.” And so they created Luxury Garage Sale, or LGS.

Luxury Garage Sale staff authenticate designer items brought in by the public, and then sells them for 10 to 90 percent off retail price. It’s a business model that both the seller, and the buyer can trust, the founders say.

“Authentication is the most paramount thing,” says Buchberg, explaining they have a team dedicated to making sure the pieces sold are genuine and in good condition.

Starting in Chicago, the childhood friends now have four permanent locations: two in Chicago, one in Dallas and one in Minneapolis. But even with four stores, they wanted to reach more people.

Luxury Garage Sale Julia Heppard/SEEN

They now create pop-up shops spanning markets all across the country and plan to open 20 this year. They choose pop-ups because it allows them to test what markets work for their business.

“They create a lot of hype around the shopping experience,” Segal says. “Oftentimes traditional retail concepts fail, so the great thing about LGS is our pop-ups and our stores. We are constantly rotating inventory, so it’s fresh and new.”

Besides the retail stores and pop-ups, customers can find items online at luxurygaragesale.com.

“We’ve had, since we started, clients from all around the country,” Segal adds, “and they are able to shop online, but this gives them a chance to shop in person in the various cities we are popping up.”

Segal and Buchberg also cater to clients that do not live by a Luxury Garage Sale location by providing customers a large envelope they can then send items in that they want to sell.

Luxury Garage Sale Julia Heppard/SEEN

Their decision to bring Luxury Garage Sale to Birmingham was based on their current client base in the area. The women say they listen to their clients, and when asked to bring a pop-up to a city, they do their best to make it happen.

“We’ve gotten a ton of new clients who have discovered LGS,” Buchberg says about opening in Birmingham. “It’s been great exposure for us.”

Detroit native Evan Webb, founder of the fashion blog damselindetroit.com, recently visited the pop-up and says the prices were “pretty reasonable for the brands.”

“I saw some pieces in there for under $150. I couldn’t believe it! If you’re someone that’s into luxury fashion, you definitely want to check out the Luxury Garage Sale pop-up, while it’s still here or even check out their inventory online,” Webb says. “There’s really something for everyone.”

Luxury Garage Sale

361 E. Maple Road, Birmingham

Open Thru May 31

Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sundays noon to 5 p.m.

See our favorite items (among many) we found at Luxury Garage Sale:

Luxury Garage Sale

Gucci loafers

Retail price: $730

LGS price: $595

Luxury Garage Sale

Miu Miu platforms

Retail price: $1,290

LGS price: $275

Luxury Garage Sale

Louis Vuitton wallet

Retail price: $970

LGS price: $495

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