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Little Saints – Functional Mocktails with a Lift

January 5, 2022

Detroiter Megan Klein launches Little Saints, the first functional mocktail blend with a buzz and no booze


Like many of us, Megan Klein spent a few too many nights during the pandemic drinking wine to ease her frustrations. Also like many of us, she often felt hungover the next day.

“I would wake up feeling wrinkly and sluggish,” recalls the 43-year-old Detroit resident. “I wanted to find something that would naturally lift my mood.”

Little Saints – Functional Mocktails with a Lift

Armed with her background as the founder of a plant-based-food company, Klein began crafting mocktails out of plant-based ingredients. Together with a food scientist, she hit on a winning combination: nano-emulsified CBD (which undergoes a process to make it more easily absorbed), plant-derived compounds known as botanical terpenes, and Reishi mushroom extract.

“This is the first functional mocktail blend [that provides] a tiny bit of buzz with a little bit of lift, without booze,” says Klein, who launched Little Saints in 2020.

Little Saints plant-based Ginger Mule mocktail

Little Saints plant-based Old-Fashioned mocktail.

“The CBD gives you a slightly relaxed, slightly buzzy feeling; the terpenes are scent-based mood lifters that make us feel happier, and the Reishi is the secret sauce that helps our brains stay focused and present.”

Klein recently partnered with a distributor; now Little Saints’ products can be found in more than 50 locations across Metro Detroit and select retailers in New York and California.

This year, Klein plans to distribute her mocktails to even more markets and liquor-store chains nationwide, providing more competition for hard seltzers and canned cocktails. “I want to continue to spread the plant magic to more people,” she says, “and establish these mocktails as a way to not drink [alcohol] but still have fun.”

Order Little Saints mocktails online at the website listed below, or click here to find out where to buy Little Saints locally.

Little Saints
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