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Life in the Time of the Coronavirus: Q&A with Fitness Pro Katy Henderson

March 21, 2020

Here in Metro Detroit, COVID-19 is affecting all of our lives. In this new series from SEEN, we check in with local influencers to find out how they’re dealing. Equinox instructor and nutrition coach Katy Henderson weighs in

By Chelsie Dzbanski

Featured photo via @conditionedbykaty

1. How has the Coronavirus impacted your daily routine and overall life? 
The area of my life that has been affected the most is [my job] as a group fitness instructor at Equinox. Gyms are closed until March 31, so I am using that time to stream free live workouts for my online community and to help my nutrition-coaching clients navigate this change to everyday life. The need for virtual help has become greater, and I’m so grateful I am able to be a part of that.

2. What are you doing to stay “sane” during this time? 

I’m trying to keep structure in my schedule regardless of the change. My body is used to moving and my brain is used to being productive, so I am doing what I can to keep that consistent. Gyms might be cancelled, but being outside isn’t! Taking my dog, Tucker, for lots of walks (rain or shine) is an essential part of my day!

3. What measures are you taking to keep you and your family safe?

I know to be part of the solution that I need to be smart, take precautions and practice social distancing in order to help protect those that are at higher risk. We are fortunate that we have jobs that allow us to work from home. I have healthy parents in their 60’s who still work, but we are staying in touch via phone and are looking forward to getting through this.

4. Can you share any recommendations for things to do to stay busy?

Just like I have advised my clients, this is the perfect opportunity to start all those amazing habits or home projects we always talk about doing, but we never quite “find the time” [for].  Pick one, do it, and feel accomplished! For me, its spring cleaning and book reading. I’ll be honest, I don’t read as much as I’d like to. I have so many books that have been collecting dust so now is the time! The first one on my list is “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins.

To learn more about Katy follow her on Instagram at @conditionedbykaty.

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