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Life in the Time of Coronavirus: Q&A with Travel Blogger Klaudia Jakubiak

March 17, 2020

Here in Metro Detroit, COVID-19 is affecting all of our lives. In this new series from SEEN, we check in with local influencers to find out how they’re dealing. Travel blogger Klaudia Jakubiak weighs in

By Chelsie Dzbanski

Photo via @thetravelcritic

1. How has the Coronavirus impacted your daily routine and your life overall? 

It’s [been] a huge hit on my career since I’m a full-time travel blogger and all my travels and events were canceled as a result. Additionally, I am in yoga-teacher training so our program [is at a] halt — but it’s making me focus on creating a home practice.

2. What are you doing to stay “sane” during this time? 

Reading. Reading a lot about the stock market as well as learning new skills, such as website building.

3. What measures are you taking to keep you and your family safe?

Not attending any public events and minimizing news  to lessen the fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety [can contribute to a] low immune system — need to keep it high!

4. Can you share any recommendations on things to do to stay busy? (ie: books you’re reading, TV shows you’re watching, activities, etc.)

I’m currently reading “Money: Master the Game” by Tony Robbins. I’m also creating intentional content, revising my plans for ideas and  [doing] a lot of journaling (and meditation with Dr. Joe Dispenza).

For more information on Klaudia, visit thetravelcritic.com and follow her on Instagram at @thetravelcritic.

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