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12 Great Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Detroit

August 8, 2019

Going out to eat with kids can be difficult, but these restaurants make it easy for both parents and kids to have a great night out.

By Cheryn Hong


Photos via Seva Facebook

66 E. Forest Ave., Detroit


With a complete vegetarian menu, Seva offers customers a fresh juice bar and a lovely calm atmosphere with patio and indoor dining. It is known for being one of the best restaurants for kids with a well-thought out menu for guests 12 and under. Its mac & cheese and quesadillas are delicious and can be substituted with vegan cheese. Seva embraces food restrictions and readily accommodates guests of all needs.

Detroit Vegan Soul

Photo via Detroit Vegan Soul Facebook

19614 Grand River Ave., Detroit


While Detroit’s well known for its soul food, Detroit Vegan Soul changes the game with an all-vegan soul food menu. The restaurant caters to customers with food restrictions and welcomes you like family. With classics such as collard greens and hush puppies, you don’t have to worry about any allergies or dietary restrictions at Detroit Vegan Soul.

Scotty Simpson’s Fish & Chips

Photo via Scotty Simpson’s Fish & Chips Photo Gallery

22200 Fenkell Ave., Detroit


Scotty Simpson’s Fish & Chips needs no explanation. They are all about comfort and delicious fried foods. Here you can find the great classics of fish and chips along with chicken and beef options. The kids menu is all just $3, and main dishes come with a side of chips and a drink. In short, you are guaranteed a great meal at an amazing price.

Mercury Burger Bar

Photo via Mercury Burger Bar Facebook

2163 Michigan Ave., Detroit


Your haven of American comfort foods can be found at the Mercury Burger Bar. With burgers, milkshakes and a variety of tater tots, it’s a kid’s dream. With the entire menu under $15, it is the perfect place for parents and children to treat themselves to a fun evening in Detroit.

Mudgie’s Deli & Wine Shop

Photo via Mudgie’s Deli & Wine Shop Facebook

1300 Porter St., Detroit


Detroit’s winner of “best deli” seven years in a row, Mudgie’s Deli & Wine Shop offers parents a range of quality beer and wine with “kiddie” items all under $6 for children 8 and under. There are countless sandwiches for both meat lovers and vegetarians, and the deli is devoted to from-scratch cooking to ensure ingredients are all-naturally sourced.

Supino Pizzeria

Photo via Supino Pizzeria Facebook

2457 Russell St., Detroit


Supino Pizzeria offers an elevated take on a pizza night with the kids. Beside the traditional cheese and pepperoni, Supino offers a customizable option as well as several white pizza options. The pizzeria will satisfy your Italian cravings and ensures ingredients come from local farms with proper pasture raising methods.

Kuzzo’s Chicken & Waffles

Photo via Kuzzo’s Chicken & Waffles Facebook

19345 Livernois Ave., Detroit


Kuzzo’s Chicken & Waffles has some of the best chicken and waffles in Detroit. Kuzzo’s also serves sandwiches, salads and omelets. For the kids, the menu features a special selection “4 the youngin’s” with items like drumsticks and waffles under $5. The restaurant celebrates food and friends and serves you like family.

The Hudson Café

Photo via The Hudson Café Facebook

1241 Woodward Ave., Detroit


The Hudson Café offers the classic family brunch experience with a modern twist. There are hearty options like the house made corned beef hash, yet also sweet and savory selections like Micky Mouse pancakes for “little friends.” From sweet crepes to several variations of eggs benedict, this café will satisfy all your breakfast and lunch needs.


Photo via Townhouse Facebook

500 Woodward Ave., Detroit


Townhouse transforms your favorite American comfort foods to an elegant dining experience. From burgers to salads, the mission is to serve dishes made from premium ingredients and create a homely atmosphere. Townhouse offers a special menu for the kids, with all items under $8, and ensures a great experience as they say, “our house is your house.”


Photo via Ima Gallery

2015 Michigan Ave., Detroit


The 2019 Detroit Free Press Restaurant of the Year, Ima is a modern take on Asian cuisine from Vietnam, Japan and South Korea. The restaurant is known for noodle dishes of udon and offers kids 12 and under dishes like buttered udon noodles and veggies. There’s also a selection of refreshing non-alcoholic drinks and dishes for $5 or less. Ima has sake and Asian alcohol as well, so if you’re looking for a respite from American classics, head to Ima for a modern-Asian fusion experience.

Vicente Cuban Cuisine

Photo via Vicente Cuban Cuisine Facebook

1250 Library St., Detroit


Generations of the Vasquez family have developed the perfect recipes at Vicente Cuban Cuisine to bring authentic Cuban food to Detroit. You can sip on the finest Cuban cocktails and dig in to entrees that will make you feel like you’re in the romantic city of Havana. With live salsa music and exotic dishes, you and your kids will be able to take a mini trip to the Caribbean.

Taqueria Mi Pueblo

Photo via Taqueria Mi Pueblo Facebook

7278 Dix St., Detroit


Taqueria Mi Pueblo is the place for Mexican lovers of all kinds. While listening to live music you can munch on your favorite Mexican dishes from burritos to tostadas, and your kids can order beverages, dishes and desserts all under $5. Mi Pueblo provides authentic Mexican plates with carefully selected chiles and ingredients.

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