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Kado Power: A Family of Doctors Teams Up for Skincare Line

August 5, 2020

Created by a family of physicians spanning dermatology, immunology and more, Kado Skincare battles pain, inflammation

By Karen Dybis

For the Kado family, the best conversations happen around the dinner table. In a family with nine siblings who regularly gather at their parents’ house for dinner, mealtime means plenty of debate, especially about science and health care — not surprising because seven of the Kado kids are physicians and an eighth is in medical school. “All of us are very science oriented,” says Dr. Jessica Kado, a dermatologist in Clarkson. Plus, their parents instilled that “foundation of making sure you help [people].”

It makes perfect sense, then, that those same dinnertime discussions are what inspired Jessica to create Kado Skincare in 2019. 

Jessica refers to her family as “the team for the cream” and says they came together to help launch her products, which contain essential oils and non-cannabis compounds that battle inflammation and relieve pain. “It started as a passion project,” she says, “and evolved into what we have now, which is a company.”

The idea for Kado Skincare grew out of Jessica’s own family’s skincare issues. Her son, now 8, had eczema as a baby, and finding a remedy that produced results or didn’t have side effects was a struggle, she says. She’d seen that same conundrum with her patients, so she launched her own investigation into a better solution, reading medical journals and searching textbooks and websites. Most importantly, she interrogated her siblings and in-laws (most of her siblings also married doctors, bringing the final family physician count to 13, plus one med student) to figure out what formula might work best for her son and patients. 

Kado Skincare

Kado Skincare’s products — which include a face cream, body lotion and pain-relieving cream called CB2++ — have no synthetic fragrance (“the No. 1 irritant for people,” says Jessica) or chemicals that leave a residue on the skin. They stand out from other offerings on the market because heal skin and ease pain with CB2-stimulating compounds, which trigger the brain’s CB2 receptor to relieve inflammation. Those receptors haven’t been previously targeted by other skin creams, says Jessica. 

With her siblings’ help, Jessica also explored Kado Skincare’s products’ additional effects on the body. Those CB2 receptors come into play in other types of medicine, including rheumatology — which her sister-in-law Ruba Kado studies at her practice in Ann Arbor — and immunology, the specialty of her sister, Rachel Kado, an allergist-immunologist in Dearborn. “Our collective knowledge allowed me to capitalize on the benefits of the skincare I was creating, and focus in on how it [also] helps the joints, muscles and tendons,” says Jessica. “We understand the full system; we’re not just trying to find a solution to one part of it.”

“I thought Jessica had a brilliant idea, especially because it works as a launching pad for us to take it into different directions as we find new indications for the products,” says Ruba, who helped Jessica test the products to make sure they targeted the intended receptors and triggered a healing process. “Not only does [the CB2++ cream] repair the skin, but it targets the immune cells and the receptors in other areas of that muscle-skeletal system,” adds Jessica. “You get immediate benefits when it is massaged in, then pain relief when it absorbs.” It also helps with tendonitis, arthritis and other conditions, she says.

Doctors Rachel, Jessica and Ruba Kado

Doctors Rachel, Jessica and Ruba Kado (from left) teamed up to develop the Kado Skincare line.

Jessica, Ruba and Rachel sampled and tested the Kado Skincare line on 200 people, surveying them before and after they tried the products. Users reported no skin irritations or other negative side effects; as a result, Jessica said she felt confident taking her products public.

The CB2++ cream in particular has attracted some high-profile users, including members of the Detroit Lions. Kevin Bastin, who until last year was the team’s head athletic trainer, says the athletes were drawn to the cream’s ability to treat sore muscles, joints and tendons as they recovered from injury or strain — and without any side effects. “Professional players are very in tune with their bodies,” says Bastin. “They want to be educated on what they’re using and what’s going into their systems. They knew [Kado’s products] felt good and they could use [them] all the time.” (Bastin adds that he also uses CB2++ for his restless leg syndrome.)

Now, Kado Skincare is sold at more than a dozen locations, including Tri-Covery sports massage therapists in Novi and Royal Oak, Boyd Beauty in Birmingham and Equilibrium Pilates Studio in Bloomfield Township. Jessica says she’s working on a product that will treat sunburn, which she hopes to roll out by next summer. In the meantime, she and her siblings will continue their lively brainstorm sessions at their parents’ house.

The Kado family

The Kado clan in 2018.

“We all have similar mindsets, ambition and drive,” says Ruba. “It’s wonderful working with them.” Rachel agrees. “We each come from a different [medical] background, but we have one common goal,” she says. “We each want to heal people.”

Family Business
Seven of the nine Kado siblings are doctors, and the eighth is in med school. Here are their specialties.

Rachel Kado, M.D. (allergist and immunologist), married to Brian Acker, M.D. (orthopedic surgeon and Detroit Lions team physician)

Herman Kado, M.D. (interventional cardiologist), married to Ruba Kado, M.D. (rheumatologist)

Jessica Kado, M.D. (dermatologist), married to Luke Heskett, M.D. (anesthesiologist)

Julie Kado, M.D. (critical care anesthesiologist), married to Nathan Urbaniak, M.D. (anesthesiologist)

Karl Kado Jr., M.D. (neuroradiologist), married to Christine Poisson, M.D. (obstetrician and gynecologist)

Jenna Kado, M.D. (neurologist specializing in sleep medicine)

Kimberly Kado, M.D. (pathology resident at Tufts University), married to August Sigelko, M.D. (internal medicine resident at Boston University)

Stephanie Kado (medical student)

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