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20 Questions with Spoonful of Flair Blogger Jennifer Fantich

January 9, 2019

Jennifer Fantich was featured in SEEN’s fitness fashion photo shoot at the Beverly Hills Club. She shares her go-to workout routines, favorite activewear brands and how she stays fit as a mom of three.

By Chelsie Dzbanski

1. Tell us about your professional background. I am a certified school teacher for students ages K-8th grade as well as a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist. I worked for 10 years in the public schools as a speech pathologist and have recently joined a private practice in Beverly Hills servicing children with expressive and/or receptive language disorders, articulation delays/disorders, apraxia, autism and social language concerns.

Jennifer Fantich of the Beverly Hills ClubHayden Stinebaugh for SEEN

2. How did you become interested in fitness? I have always been interested in fitness. I grew up dancing at a local studio and continued on through college, both for the University of Michigan Dance Team as well as for a company associated with and established at the University of Michigan. When I graduated, dancing wasn’t as easily accessible, so I committed to working out and training at Beverly Hills Club. I would weight train with a trainer two days a week and participate in cardio workouts five to six days a week. While I still love manual cardio workouts, I have found passions for Pilates, SurfSet, TRX, spinning and ab/bar classes.

3. Tell us more about your blog, Spoonful of Flair, and what you enjoy most about blogging? Spoonful of Flair started as a way to share a love of fashion! It has turned into more of a lifestyle blog to share not only fashion tips and daily outfits, but also desired workouts and workout attire, easy beauty picks and family favorites. What I love most about blogging is connecting with and inspiring people! I love when people look to Spoonful for outfit inspiration, gifting ideas, recipes, beauty tips and product or activity suggestions for kids.

Jennifer Fantich of Spoonful of FlairVia Spoonful of Flair's Instagram

4. What does a typical day look like for you? A typical day as a mother of three…there is never a dull moment! As a mom, I have come to realize that even though getting up earlier than the kids can be exhausting, it is the only time I have to myself, so to speak. So, I usually wake up early to get myself together and get the kids off to school. I work three days a week as a speech pathologist and on my “off” days, in between workouts, grocery shopping, laundry, errands and birthday parties, I try to conceptualize new content for the blog. I love being busy — always have!

5. What is your go-to workout routine? Lately, Pilates is my “go-to” routine. After having a C-section during my last pregnancy (almost a year ago), I found the recovery to be completely different than with my previous two deliveries. Pilates has not only targeted my weak areas, but has made me leaner and stronger! I continue to do manual cardio workouts and classes (SurfSet, spinning and kickboxing). Other than Pilates, when looking for classes, I choose intense, high-energy classes; they motivate me the most and keep me feeling energized.

Jennifer Fantich at the Beverly Hills ClubHayden Stinebaugh for SEEN

6. Favorite post workout meal or snack? I always turn to RXBARS! I have tried several protein bars, but these are my favorite in taste and consistency. They keep me full after my workouts, and the peanut butter is my favorite flavor!

7. How do you find the balance between working, staying fit and life — especially with three kids? I never feel like I have it together, but to answer this question, I’d have to say it is all about scheduling and teamwork. My husband and I truly work together like a well-oiled machine, as cheesy as it sounds. But it’s the truth! Working part-time allows me to have the flexibility I need, especially with my kids. Working in the schools, I was never able to take my kids to or pick them up from school, among other things. I truly felt like I was missing out on the important things during the week, and now I don’t. Do I get to workout as much as I could in the past? No. And that was a huge adjustment for me. So, I have learned to choose workouts wisely. I like to take classes that challenge me and give results. Regardless of any “free” time I may encounter, I always feel like I haven’t done enough. But as long as my kids are happy, so am I!

Jennifer Fantich Via Jennifer Fantich's Instagram

8. Your current favorite accounts to follow on Instagram? I definitely have a long list of favorites, but currently I’m loving @somethingnavy, @rutaenroute, @lifeisbutadish, @live.love.chardonnay, @theworkspaceforchildren and @lindsilanestyle.

9. Fueling your body is important when it comes to fitness. What does a typical healthy meal look like for you? Oh man! When I get a second to eat you mean? Ha! I love a good, loaded salad with some kind of protein, whether plant or meat based. I try not to deprive myself of something I want (like fries…because they are my weakness). But I am definitely more conscious of what I am eating, especially around my kids.

10. Any new fitness regimes or styles that you’re really into right now? I honestly love Pilates and SurfSet at Beverly Hills Club. I had a huge misconception about Pilates, years ago. It truly is a total body workout, and I have noticed a real (good) change in the way my body looks. SurfSet is a class I always wanted to take, but never could because of my work schedule. Now, I have become obsessed with it. You know a class is good when you start to feel the burn even before the hour is over!

Now on to style…  

11. Three words to describe your personal style? Comfortable, trendy, clean.

Jennifer Fantich of Spoonful of FlairVia Spoonful Of Flair's Instagram

12. Your must-have fitness item or accessory and why? I am a total shoe lover, so I need a supportive pair of sneakers that look super cool! However, since my two new favorite workouts are done without sneakers, I would say a great bra-legging matching set! I am so into matching sets at the moment! As far as must-have fitness item for workouts, a resistance band is a must for me!

13. Can you share some of your favorite fitness brands and why you love them so much? I have always loved Lululemon, and I feel that they have evolved so much! The styles are on trend, and the fit of their product is amazing (especially their high-waisted leggings!) But other brands that I am loving include Onzie, Alo, Beyond Yoga and Ultracor. All of these brands have different price points, but I love the fit of these brands. If you asked me which brand is having a true moment, I would have to say Alo for sure! Their high-waisted leggings are my favorite, especially as a mom; their leggings are like the Spanx of workout leggings.

14. The one item you can’t leave home without? My cellphone.

Your Local love list…

15. Your current go-to spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I really never get to eat breakfast out, but I have always loved Toast and The Original Pancake House in Birmingham. For lunch, a favorite of mine has always been Beverly Hills Grill and my go-to dinner spot is Bella Piatti.

16. Favorite place to work-out? Beverly Hills Club.

Jennifer Fantich at the Beverly Hills Club Hayden Stinebaugh for SEEN

17. Your favorite place to shop locally in Metro Detroit? For myself, I love shopping at Guys N Gals, Hersh’s, Sundance Shoes and Ruby’s Balm. For my kids, I love Lil’ Rascals, Guys N Gals and Perfect Trading Co.

18. Can you share any advice for someone who is new to working out and trying to live a healthy lifestyle? If you’re new to working out, set a goal. Determine what it is that you want to change or modify. Then find the type of workout that best suits you and your personal goals. It’s hard to not follow the “trend,” but you really have to find what works for you — whether it’s training, Pilates, yoga, spinning, boxing or aerobics classes. Also, give yourself time to see results; I would say at least 8 weeks when you’re starting something new.


19. What is your New Year’s resolution for 2019? To be more present.

20. Favorite quote or words to live by? You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Follow Jennifer on Instagram at @spoonfulofflair for all things fashion, fitness and lifestyle. 

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